A Marte

Various symbols of the planets convey a message in this poem. Can anyone shed some light on the meaning?
This book is very complex.


  1. Hi Claudia,

    I cannot decode the symbols entirely or offer any overall explication. And probably I can only provide that which you've figured out already. Anyway, there are many astrological symbols here, including those of the moon, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, Pluto, and the Sun (and maybe others of that kind, that I do not recognize, or which are idiosyncratic to your father). Good luck and best wish with this!

  2. Hi Steven,
    Thank you for responding. My father was very interested in Astrology and corresponded with Robert Kelly on the subject. He always consulted the planets and loved the mystery of what was to come.
    There is much of the astrological symbolism in this book, A Marte.


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