Frank Samperi Interview, 1980

Please click on the link below to listen to an interview that John Levy recorded of my father in 1980 at our east side apt. His voice is so clear that it seems he is in the next room.

This is only 5 minutes of an hour recording so more to come.


  1. You're right about your father's voice (I would also say his thoughts) coming across so clear; looking forward to the rest of the interview.

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  3. Claudia,

    thanks for posting this incredible Youtube interview. The children's voices outside (to me) said as much about what was being said as the interview itself.

    Your father's point about the Master poet seducing instead of "feeding" is wonderful. How presciently both your father and Corman saw the age in which we today read & write poetry: so ridiculously enslaved everyone seems to be to the tyrannical purveyors of Langpo et al. So befuddled is both teacher & practitioner that "newness" and real "originality" don't stand a chance anymore.

  4. WOW!

    "release yourself from technique (...)"

    "to seek recognition is to seek to dominate (...)"

    any chance that John & you can transcribe and do a print-version of this for
    "us" ?

    maybe the same folks who produced DAY (you?) could so do..

    again... WOWOW!

  5. That is a great idea! I am in the process of getting "DAY" uploaded to Kindle on Amazon so it would be available to all.
    I also still have printed copies if you need.

  6. thanks
    You sent me a copy

    as for "needs"

    these days
    I 'need' damn little &
    far between

    Including in that DAY kindle/amazon 'thing' will be
    JP's intro ? and your art-work..?

  7. Yes, the whole book will be on the kindle including the foreward and my art work.


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