Reading List - 10/14/77

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My father created this Reading List for John Perlman in 1977.
He then resurrected it for my husband , Eric in the 1980's.
From Homer, Plato Aristotle, Virgil, Augustine to Aquinas, Dante, Shakespeare and Leopardi
it makes for quite a deeping knowledge for ones lifetime.


  1. Claudia,

    here's a reading list I'd give to every aspiring young poet, and even in the original languages. I can't say enough about the necessity for poets to read competently in both modern and classical languages. Frank Samperi was a great role model.

    Thanks for posting this.

  2. Hi Conrad,
    Thank you! There are so many gems that my father had.


  3. Hi Claudia,

    Interesting to me -- maybe for you or others lucky enough to have read your father's poetry -- to think of the density, the particularly thick and heavy I'd say, ideas within the works on the fascinating list here, and then to think of all that relative to the marvelous compression / concision, open-ness, even light-on-the-page-ness of your father's poetry.

  4. Hi Steven,
    Thank you for your beautiful words! I hope this post brings much insight to others - there is so much hope and sorrow with knowledge don't you think....

  5. Great to see what Frank was reading. Recently stumped up the dough for a copy of Spiritual Necessity, & love your father's work. He was one of the last (few) to understand writing to be sacramental. Hope you have a great new year, & keep posting your father's beautiful material x

  6. Thank you for your kind words toward my father and his work.
    I knew that his work would find its way to the few who are touched by it.



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