INTACT by Frank Samperi, 1979

This was a book that seems to have been written for John Perlman at the time.
Thank you John for sharing this book, "Intact" as part of your archive.


  1. I'm absolutely enchanted by the final verses of the "Intact" book": beginning "when each is no longer other". They form a remarkable image of Odyssean pause at the end of the journey. Any attention-seeking at this stage (poet seems to say)seems vulgar & intrusive: no one who values the quiet dignity of this stage of the artistic-journey would dream of intruding on the quietness of others.

    I've seen this yearning for a transcendent "other shore" in other places in Samperi's writings: the mind/soul seeking shelter from the noisiness of critical acclaim.

  2. the red sheet placed behind so that what was typed on the other side doesn't "bleed" through ?


    I bet-cch tat this was produced in an edition of one...

    on his type-writer .. a couple of 8 1/2 x 11 sheets-folded then stapled together and.... sent ..

    this is the OPTIMUM way to "publish" is in all ways it s own communique

    do you yet have that gray Swingline Inc stapler made in Long Island City, 1, N.Y. ?

    I still have mine w stamped number 6369 and the tin-topped kitchen table where we assembled our .... priceless books.. this was because we couldn't afford a mimeograph machine... or know how to use one.

    keep "it" coming

  3. &I suppose that the "publisher"

    "=,x PLAIN" is actually (a)

    Two Cents Plain ? they charged extra for a scoop of vanilla ice cream

    and/or a shot of Hershey's Chocolate Syrup ?


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