Frank Samperi: Three Books E-books from PEPC Library

Three books by Frank Samperi: pdf e-books from PEPC library, ©2011 the Samperi Estate and Claudia Samperi-Warren. With thanks to Claudia Samperi-Warren for making them available to PEPC.

The Prefiguration (1971)
Lumen Gloriae (1973)
Day (1998) (transcribed posthumously from 1970 notebook)

From the bio note in Day:

Frank Samperi was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1933. Discovered by poet Louis Zukofsky, his first poems were published in the early 1960’s. Through study of Aquinas, Aristotle, Dante and the Hindu Vedantist, Shankaracarya, Samperi created a body of work that was a unique exploration of the ability of language to exist in a pure musicality apart from thingly reference. “Frank’s work was truly abstract, truly resisted the things of the world and boasted rather the refining fire of the spirit,” said Robert Kelly. In his lifetime, he published 20 collections of poetry.

Coming soon on PennSound: a recording of Samperi reading.


  1. Penn Sound gonna I presume format 'em 5 5/16 " X 10 1/8 "

    as Mushinsha Limited (in Tokyo) did 'em? and Grossman
    how 'bout putting Quadrifariam (1973) up on YOUR site as it was done..
    for us "purists" (who still know what a book feels/smells like)
    where the works belong for the 30 "readers" who care !

    and THEN
    Pen Sound and Ubu Roi and that Al Fileries' .... collection place can link over to where you have it?

    a section out of Quadrifarium (say) like Marginalia well you really think that the 1.3 million visitors to those other sites really will take the time to embrace Frank's "stuff" ?

    I guess that I just don't understand the need or the why-fo of even WANTING to be part of such an huge and mostly indifferent crowd !

    as FS had it (ending of Marginalia three in a row:

    sitting at a back table
    in an automat
    my glasses off

    the window up ahead
    setting sun opposite

    the jobs

    ( I used to LOVE the Automat... little glass doors
    the boston cream pie on a REAL plate no cellophane wrapping it put coins in open

    what WAS the name of that Automat we used to go to... it's probably on GOOGLE...

    let s see I will GOOGLE

    "what automat did Frank Samperi go to and sit at a back table with his glasses off?

    and what is "alienum" anyway as a kid we used to pronounce aluminum
    "al-lumininium" ...

    getting the works "out there" is the main thing

    & a little feed-back (appreciation) from those coming 10,333 "readers"
    via Penn Sound wood (sic) be nice, too.

    hang in time for a Buddha Beer home brewed !

  2. just emailed my cousin Saul &n he told me the name of the automat:

    we used to take the train up to The City me and my brother to spend summers with them go up to their place in Beacon Hills

    so my cousin Saul and my aunt Betty would meet us ay the train at Grand central station
    and then we'd walk over to the Horn and Heart Automat near the station..

    Macaroni and cheese (the BEST!) and Boston Cream pie and a glass of chocolate milk (white milk in a REAL glass that the chocolate was on the bottom and had to be stirred up !

    I was about ten and Den was 7 ! Cousin Robbie Rakussin was a conductor on the Penn Central that ran from D.C. to NYC so
    we ALWAYS rode free when he was working.

    so the name of the Automat was Horn and Heart .... Saul says.

  3. Fantastic Ed!
    Yes, I need to get Quadrifariam up there as well.
    I just need to get it into the computer and it is a longer book and more complex.
    Great writing about memories of the Automat.
    That was probably the one my dad went to back in the day.
    This is the kind of stuff that would be great to have in a Biography on Frank with you and John and any others that would like to contribute.
    Would love to talk with you guys about it over a home brewed beer!

  4. I think that they got the wall of glass doors of the Automat set up
    at The Smithsonian Institution's Arts and Industry Museum
    down on the Mall

    they also got a Malt Shoppe as it was "in it s day" where you can get a 2 cents plain
    which they now charge $5.75 for !

    extra for the cherry !

  5. Claudia,

    the slideshow is great! I love looking at a person's life through family photos.

    Geatana Samperi looks like a young Linda Evangelista. What a lovely picture.

    Thank you.

  6. Hi Conrad,
    Yes, it took me 3 hours to finally add the slideshow to the blog.
    I love the old black and white photos of family too. Linda Evangelista is a very beautiful woman.
    Thanks Conrad for noticing the photos.


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