The Trilogy coming out this Fall

Frank Samperi's Trilogy, (Quadrifariam, Prefiguration and Lumen Gloriae) that was published in the 1970's will be reprinted by Sam Ward of Skysill Press coming out this Fall.

This is so exciting and I am thrilled that Sam has decided to take on this project.
All three volumes in one book bringing Frank's work to light again almost 40 years later.


  1. Wonderful news, indeed! This is a feather in your cap, Claudia...

    Take a bow!

  2. Fantastic! I love the single-volume approach, too: it reinforces the unity of the sequence and makes it more convenient for the reader to follow the threads. Kudos to you and Sam Ward, Claudia. Great news for poetry lovers....

  3. NEAT !!!!
    are they going to format things as Mushinisha /Grossman
    so did in 1973? test editions were a JOY to hold..
    about 5 1/2' x 10 1/2 '

    that QUADRIFARIAM ... should be everybody's first read !!!

    one of my greatest regrets:
    not going up to the City to connect with Frank after Cid introduced us.

    these guys in England who are doing this are
    "pat-attention" folks....

    they'll let the work speak for it s self...


    NEAT !

  4. Hi, Claudia.

    Excellent news indeed!

    Still looking for an editor for Quadrifariam in Spanish.

  5. Conrad, Joseph, Ed and Mario,
    Thank you so much guys for keeping Frank's work alive!
    Hi Mario,
    I hope you are well and keep looking for an editor for the Quadrifariam in Spanish.

  6. I second all the above and add IT'S ABOUT TIME!

  7. This is wonderful news! Congrats to you and your family, Claudia!


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