Clayton Eshleman

BlazeVOX Press has recently published a book-length 40 page poem of mine, The Jointure, and has asked me to send out to you the page with information on the book at the press.

“What does it mean to see with the eyes of the soul?” In The Jointure, Clayton Eshleman offers an answer to this question in language of visionary symbolic consciousness. Intimate and expansive, psychological and anthropological data germinates this fecundating exploration and extrapolation of inner wilderness and the essence of imagination. Paleolithic, Bronze Age, Maya, Aztec, and Asmat myths and images compact Xochipilli and Coatlicue with Bud Powell, Gilgamesh, and concrete memories of an Indianapolis upbringing and an American life. In The Jointure, “memory is fracture” – the depths of horror enshroud the horror of depths – but imagination is revealed as the “keelson of paradise.” Transcultural, transhistorical and contemporary, personal and political, this is a poetry of encounter and recognition unlike any other being written by an American today. As inclusive as this writing is, it is also absolutely singular.



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