Some Spiritual Letters: By David Miller

From Conrad DiDiodato's blog:

Any intersections with the spiritual poetics of Frank Samperi today are rare as they are beautifully insightful: I purposely seek and celebrate them and not because of my own scholarly interests in the person I consider contemporary America's greatest poet-mystic. Samperi's time has come. As relatively brief and largely uneventful as Samperi's life was, he was bound to attract a few of the best spiritual 'lights': Robert Kelly, Robert Lax, John Levy and David Miller. It was particularly with the young poet from Australia, David Miller, that Samperi confessed to feeling a particularly deep kinship. Miller was not just an admirer but defender of perhaps the one American poet whom the Objectivists would have had most reason to fear (if, of course, he'd had the hearing he'd deserved). The young Miller seemed to have understood that very well.
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