The Idiolects Of Silence by John Perlman

Write to John Perlman directly to get the full text of this work Idiolects, at,


  1. John .... neat. seems to me that I've seen three or four of the
    poems that are included in Idiolects of Silence, but
    I cld be wrong .

    can I get an inscribed copy to
    snuggle-in amongst my "John Perlman Stash " ?

  2. to those "out there" who are paying attention
    and yet give a sh't about poetry and communication..
    this is a terrific run of poems and total involvement in


    Jay Pee has shaken off all influences and has
    taken off
    on his own trail...

    I cld list the several poet-friends that I know and hold sacred
    as particular (as hackneyed as it sounds) originals.

    you want the list ?
    email me.

  3. damn brambles..there is no path lol (JP) but lots of good company...


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