From Conrad on Frank Samperi's Reading at Beyond Baroque

Though a stranger to the place I felt far from it. But I could hardly believe I was there: to those of us schooled in Canada's version of the terrific California poetry scene Venice Beach seemed hallowed ground (as indeed it still is). American poetry and the always revolutionary conditions of its growth and development always came accompanied--to this very impressionable 70s student of literature--with distinctive names, faces and personalities And I saw a few of them proudly displayed along the upper walls in the 'Beyond Baroque' bookstore: diPrima, Acker, Duncan, Olson and Venice Beach's local poetry legend, John Thomas Idlet. The 'Gas House' and Ellison Hotel were, in the words of local poet and musician Betto, where the poets came for the 'vibes'. Click on Conrad's blog to read more.....


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