B.K.S Iyengar 1938, India


My father studied and practiced Yoga daily. I remember both my mom and dad doing these poses in the morning before they started their day.
I have started taking Yoga classes myself - Iyengar Yoga.

The downward Dog is a very challenging pose and is a key pose.



  1. my yoga book is The Complete Illustrated Book of YOGA
    Swami Vishnudevananda, Bell Publishing, MCMLX.

    I think the photo is from same book... I never got past the first two forms/poses.. I ALMOST got that one "plate 91" down pat...

    and was able to do at a 100 % level the Savasan pose (plate146). then I moved on to that Autobiography of a YOGA !


  2. Ed,
    I am trying to go three times a week now to help my back.
    There are people in the class that are in there late 60's and 80's and you can see the benefit of the practice.
    Health is everything.

  3. try standinging on your head on a water bed for 30 seconds while thinking Noh Thoughts ... and double-gerrund the "thing"

    a healthy system goes three times a day not three times a week
    I practice Stay-at-Home Yoga .... all day long....just in case

  4. My wife's a certified Iyengar instructor, Claudia. So next time you're in the Denver area...:


    I'm there twice a week and still finessing downward facing dog after a decade or so of practice. Yet another activity that proves there's no such thing as perfection!

  5. Hi Joseph,
    Wow! I had no idea your wife must be so strong.
    I will have to look you up if I am ever in Denver.
    Yes, I know Yoga is a life-time practice.
    But it does give me so much energy afterwards.
    I love the feeling.

  6. I actually suspected the Sacred side(s) of yoga especially
    Kundalini Yoga as I in 3500 drawings, paintings and "twisted" sculptures and knotted poetry/poems/books...

    but, y'all are sort use pinning it into my mind down...

    I am just looking over some of my water-colors and "we" are knee deep into the Essence of Spirituality that She in All of hHer Positions
    & Persona that requires an absolute ... for want of a better word ...
    Respect for the Fountain Head ?

    so, my question can I ring to this yoga class my slightly used 47 year old bottle of Kama Sutra Oil ? and a ragged copy of Paradise Lost ?


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