What Shape Sound by John Phillips, 2011

One comes to
places curious
like years ago
faces there
that never were

How still the
wind not
in the leaves is
not moving just
now it was
fallen so that
dark between
each makes
still green
light leaves
away falling no
closer to see

Less your face in
the morning
than the face in the
morning you
           water does
not make
           or wet hands

We talk thinking the words say
what we want the silence
to know we do not understand
ourselves to be

Going out
to see the moon
is part of seeing it

it inside
is another

It is outside the wind I hear
in here listening to not a sound
other than what is heard
not listened to     rain can be
heard   not yet fallen    it will

The room
we are in
is not the same
room for each
of us      here

This book is done by Skysill Press, Sam Ward, UK

Phillips has discovered the fact that words, like all other things - those which are natural around us,
as well as the things/symbols that we create for our own convenience - have a life of their own.
He has respect for that simple, and usually ignored, fact.
-Theodore Enslin, First Intensity


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