Family photos

These photos were taken in Brooklyn where my father was born. The top photo is the Samperi family:
Aunt Josie, Aunt Francis, Aunt Josephine, a cousin holding me, Uncle Frank, my mom, Uncle Jimmie and another cousin.
We had all the family functions in Brooklyn, Christmas, Easter, Birthdays and my Aunt Francis did all the Italian cooking. Or when we had a Communion we eat out at the neighborhood Italian restaurant.
They lived on Ave U and we went there almost twice a month and road the train from NY to Brooklyn.
The photo below is my Communion at the local Catholic church. I still have my little white pocketbook with my Bible. It was a beautiful memory to be with my whole family on this Holy moment in a child's life.
Very fond moments growing up with my Italian Samperi family.


  1. Great pictures, Claudia.

    I've still got my little First Communion prayer book, too. The boys received a black one.

    Frank looks very tall. How tall was he?

  2. Yes, my brother got one too.
    Frank was 6 feet tall. My brother, David is also 6 feet tall. My mom was only 5'2.


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