Summer fun at the Cape

Every summer, the Samperi family went to Cape Cod, Mass. in August. As kids, we could not wait until camp was over so we could all get packed and load up the rental Dodge car and head to the Cape.
We would bring the whole kitchen sick with us and take the 8 hour ride to our cottage in Dennis Port which was near Hyannis.
We had the most fun ever. The sand dunes, the beach, the summer food, the best summers I ever had in my life!
My dad was the most happy at the Cape. He read and wrote a lot there. He was so relaxed and he loved being in the beauty of this place. My parents were very happy here. Away from the city life.

We were such a close family that this wonderful vacation that we took each summer made memories that lasted for ever. My brother and I grew up each summer with these moments on the Cape.


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