Frank Samperi NY Reading 1987

This is a reading that my father did in NYC in 1987 that my brother, David Samperi recorded.

I don't know of many readings that my father did but I wish he had done more of them.


  1. Hi Claudia -- when I listen to this on my machine, the sound goes blank -- silence, as if there is no recording whatsoever -- at the 6:31 mark, although the time-stamp on the recording continues to 23:05. Is that the way it is for you too?

  2. Steven,
    I just saw your comment on this post. The tape is very hard to hear but I can hear it on my computer. I sent this to Bob Arnold, maybe he can do better. I will ask. I wish I had a better tape. I know my father did a reading at Bard with Robert Kelly - maybe I can track that down. Claudia


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