Frank to Cid 1960

Click on image of letter to enlarge. First letter to Cid Corman thanking him for consideration to Origin. Sending him selections from "Song Book". Frank lived in Brooklyn at the time. 27 years old, very young and very shy.


  1. was just at the Lilly Library
    (in 2004) looking over what is there of mine to Cid

    they made for me copies of everything that was in the box
    and sent it to me...

    accommodating library/people there

    One of my greatest regrets was not going up to meet your dad when Cid introduced me to him

    long-about 1972 or 73.

    cheers, Ed

  2. Hi Ed,
    Thank you so much for responding. I am over joyed that I can bring my father's life to individuals like yourself.
    My father was a wonderful man and I wish here were here to see and hear that people still care deeply about him and his work.


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