June 3, 1963

More rain How I've been thinking why is it that a philosopher spends all his life trying to prove that a certain social order of things is false because at its source hidden behind "veils of deception" there reigns "un-freedom" rather than "freedom" - and yet his whole palliative theory is based on just this announcement of the necessary.

It certainly is a gloomy day - went out this morning for a pack of cigarettes - ran right back in - don't know if I'll go out to-night should like to - is it heavy rain, or light rain? Why am I writing these "seemingly" unworthy events down? Will they show me tomorrow how I was to-day? did I somehow say this last week? - Sometimes I feel as if were trying to push myself out from a mass of unknown stone.

Courtsey of The Fales Library, Special Collections, New York University.


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