Received a letter from Will - he seems unduly concerned with the persistency of rain in Japan
(that is, he seems to attribute his despair to rain (his scapegoat?): is there a more hidden cause of his malaise? which is the phenomenal cause, the internal or the external? - I am composing for him a "tragicomic" Ballad not anything, "in the last analysis" for future generations, just something for a friend (no use to "harp" on this inherent antilogy - just something personally given - not for public use).
Ballad for Poor Folk
There is a man
whose name's Knarf
(Who'd, by the way,
Never be seen in June

Without a scarf);
He trudges, it seems
all day thru puddles
of rose petals
Mumbling to himself
What's the season?
Thus he fares, mooning
About, and missing

His meals: but when
The amethyst-saffron
Carpet of evening
'S laid out,

Then he bucks up
And goes to a hill,
Where, amid hungry
Children and animal

Wails he suddenly
Falls to his knees
And prays to become
Ascent of memory.


  1. so
    that would have been Will Petersen
    ... neat!


  2. Hi Ed,
    So cool! What a time back then for artists and poetry. Thank you for sharing the link. CW


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