Published by Hawkhaven Press, San Francisco in 2004.
Printed, designed and bound by William Cirocco.
William Cirocco's works include works by Robert Lax, David Miller, Frank Samperi and Thomas A. Clark.


  1. Hello Claudia.

    Congratulations for your idea of keeping a blog on your father's work, a great poet indeed.

    I have become recently acquainted with his work, unfortunately almost unknown here in Spain, and I would like to start translating some of his poems.

  2. Hello Mario,
    Thank you and hello from Spain. I think it would be great to see my father's poems in a different language (Spanish). Do you self publish? Which work were you thinking of translating?


  3. Hi, Claudia.

    I have published translations in literary supplements, from English and Modern Greek. I have also a contract to publish three early works by James Joyce into a single book, a bilingual edition, in 2012. I am a poet myself.

    I thought about Quadrifariam, Lumen Gloriae & Sappunta.

    I have seen in Google Books (just the reference) "Morning & evening: prose & poems of Frank Samperi". Apart from poetry, I also love miscellanous works and the poets' prose, especially if they write about poetry.

    I haven't read yet much of your father's poetry, but what I have read is extraordinary. I want to read J. Townsend's
    "Spiritual Man, Modern Man: The Poetics of Frank Samperi", published in Jacket 36, 2008, but I wanted to wait till I read enough of Samperi's work.


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