June 6, 1963

Why aren't we convinced by Marx's argument?
I think it is simply a case of fatuous lunk-headedness to rest our position in that its basis is material - e.g. while the increment of injustice is greater than ever (which ain't no lie, for as Marx said: the more the accumulation of capital increases the greater is the "creation" of the proletariat - his exact words are: accumulation of capital is, therefore, increase of the proletariat - therefore; a more agonizing whip for the realization of "Surplus-value") we ponder the true or falseness of the mind is conceived eternal only is so far as the body is conceived under a form of eternality.

Courtsey of The Fales Library, Special Collections, New York University.


  1. Claudia look what is available at UC DAVIS:


    and I betcuh Frank's letters (120 of them) are archived in a box either at UC Davis or maybe Lilly or U Con or U Del ... or wherever to whomever Cid sold them to...?

    4025 pieces of my "stuff" in a box at The Lilly Library..

    I went out there ... in 2004 looked over everything and the made me zerox copies of EVERYTHING

    of mine that I had sent during a certain period of time say, 1999 through 2004

    the 1970's "stuff" is archived in other places..

    so, the point,

    track things down then go see... get copies?

    ciaoo, Ed

  2. PS:

    look what Jacket published:


    maybe instead of just a link to it could be ...featured as a post?

  3. ppss:
    and another neat post ...rally:


  4. Hi Ed,
    Thank you for all your comments. Yes I have all the copies of the letters from Lilly Library that my father wrote to Cid.
    Yes, I could set up Jamie's article as a page and then it would link directly to it. Thanks for the tips.

  5. have another thing to mention however, not for public ...


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