Beyond Baroque

Dropped off some books of my father's to be placed in the archive of Beyond Baroque. Wonderful place.
They had two books there already: Infinitesimals and The Kingdom.
They were very gracious to me and said please bring more books to sell in the bookstore.
So wonderful to re-awaken my father's work now.

Beyond Baroque is one of the United States' leading independent Literary/Arts Centers and public spaces dedicated to literary and cultural production, contact, interaction, and community building. Founded in 1968, it is based in the Old Town Hall in Venice, California, near the Pacific Ocean. It offers a program of readings, free workshops, publishing, bookstore, archiving, and education.


  1. Claudia,

    'Beyond Baroque' looks wonderful: what a fabulous place for a poetry reading. Perhaps some of your father's works could be reprinted through the Beyond Baroque imprint.

  2. am just this moment reading their 1972 beyond baroque 712
    issue vol 2 no 2 &

    nothing production-wise has EVER gotten much better than this as
    done by their Bayrock Press

    George Smith (the editor) called what they were doing 'nascent literary trends'

    I also have their # 702 (vol 1, no 4) "It" doesn't get any better than this one. check out Toby Lurie : Sound Happening for two voices (an excerpt)

    that's now a Museum" ? A good place for Frank's work ... a good place for anyone's work

  3. Thanks Guys,
    another progression for Frank.


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