The Floating Bear - issue #37 - 1969

I was foolish
                   in drinking/ colliding with chairs
the need to believe/ & believing.

:So I have been foolish.
     My heart will not harden/nor inflict its own
cruelty on itself
     But continue
         as its has
      in hoping/ or possible opening/ coming
          & keeping alive.
This is not a funny poem, though we laughed
        Well together/nor do I
                mean a joke if it.....

How to explain
        behind a jukebox & B Girls/ money & concentration
               on money
to No Exclusion,
                 that the eyes see anyway?

So you were not there.
       & we did not meet as you promised.

:I have learned no lesson,
      Only the stars do not resound tonight
And the heart is a lonesome animal.

Mocambo Bar, Topless Dancing Gig, SF

- Janine Pommy-Vega


  1. BRILLIANT.. An Explorer in his (musical) element

    and the notion ! those colons!

    on typo "as its has" maybe = s "as it has"

    or maybe
    "as it s has"

    THIS IS punctuate responsibility to the piece ... as it dictates.

    in a word? NEAT.


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