Utano 5th January 1977

Dear Frank,
's is not a final testament to my feeling for you by any means. You will understand that even better as other collections appear - but then my work is for all poets - past and present and to come - in whatever guise they manage to appear. And the work can only be - as you above all know -
There was a nice - compact - note from LZ just in too - on the book and I can FEEL his feeling - in his "brevity".
For poetry and poets there is always "room". Whether in Amherst or New York City. No on precludes anyone else. When critics and writers moan that Shakespeare has pre-empted the English stage, etc., I say "hogwash": anyone who hears that heart at depth - and admittedly such hearers are few - knows not better but enough of what illuminates the human spirit and not only can go on from there - but must.
Of course - it is precisely you and the handful of others of similar soul who would "realistically" support ORIGIN - if you had the hard means. But our scarcity makes us only the more vital to each other's "welfare".
I have had 4 out of 6 solicitations answered positively (I sent out 7 altogether and another much later).
JLW and Bronk the two naysayers. The lack of their confidence is saddening - if not surprising. But I keep
trying. If I can find 16 more subscribers - I'll have it "made". (Eric was pleased to have A&O - though he admits - as I expected - he was baffled by it: he does wish you always well.) The crux will be the printer: can I find one to do the job decently at a responsible rate. If I can do 5/6 issues at $4000 - I think I can swing it.
(Mind you it cost me less than $400 an issue 6 years ago here. At least $1000 now for the same.)
I have the word on MULCH PRESS now (POETS & WRITERS has such facts): gone out of operation (in Brooklyn). Someone had suggested they might be interested in my Du Bouchet book.
Back into MANYOSHU woods gradually - as I must complete the book for publication by the summer. Immense undertaking. The work is largely done (9 years at it) - but it has to be gone over with a fine (verbal) tooth comb and involves 100p into. (some of which has been done).
Your words always mean much to me.
How you will keep things going there I cant know (I wish I cd help and in my own way try to) - but I do know you will. Love never abdicates.
always, Cid
Courstey of Bob Arnold, Longhouse Publishers & Booksellers, Cid Corman's Estate.


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