The correspondence continues with Frank and John P

In 1968 : I first met your father during Will Petersen's reading series at OSU. A saving grace. I got Branches & Of Light then. The experience of those poems gave hope to a fledgling at work on my first book & changed me & my course. Gave hope. Opened. Taught.
Soon thereafter I visited at Charles St. In 1969 we moved to Golden's Bridge & visited yr family often. That library you picture in the blog was made open to me & was invaluable. More than that, long talks with your father still remembered & cherished. A friendship lasting thru vicissitudes, and wonderful poems.

Dear John,

Certainly a surprise to be in Shuttle #3 - didn't realize it - thank you for including me.
Very fine issue - many things so well said - how beautiful your Magus poem is! and how true
John Levy's Pen poem, and of course Brian continues....
Thank you again.
Claudia told me you called - sorry I was out - would've liked to talk with you.
This excessively hot humid weather is a trial isn't it!? even at the beach it's in water or else!
Hope you weathered the blackout - it was a good time to be poetic: candlelight and ale!
if only being poetic could shed over onto the looters and their looters ( ours as well?)'s not so, it can't be, so we'll be - for their sakes!

Best to you and your family,



                                    in topbranches

                                    a squirrel's nest


                            nicole, an entrancing of 1 in 1, the 3

                                conceives all number making

                                            a globe



Courtesy of John Perlman


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  2. Claudia,

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    Go figure.

    I hope this helps.

  3. Claudia,

    I meant to say the "Stay signed in" box: when I left this box empty I was able to post freely.

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