A Robert Kelly letter to Frank , 1977

Dear Frank,
Someone will be there at the train station at 3:38 Tuesday (I'm in class at that moment, but free soon thereafter). Reading is in the fine old wooden hall used for recitals, etc, oldest of the bldgs.
(Stevens & WCW read there 30 years ago & the founder of the Budapest Qt used it for his master
classes for many years).
Is it time to draw up the syllabus of the Kpiois? The texts to tide us over pralaya? (Bakhtiar's
po sufi picture book is very useful, this I've not seen else where.)

Dear Frank,

the reading continues resonare. Last night Chuck Stein was speaking of it - the time-mastering (thus saeculum - mastering) Spirituality of the in toning of words. The forceful intelligence of The Kingdom towards which we rise & gape like children.
Your words about my work I take & lay by my "hearth" & thank you for the warmth of it - how we
keep each other going! And honest!

Our best to you all, & be well -



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