A letter from Robert Kelly to Frank, 1977

Courtesy of Robert Kelly.


  1. Here are some exquisitely poetic ruminations written in prose—from one great poet to another.Never seen the mundane look so mystical.

    Delightful correspondences, Claudia!

  2. Conrad,
    Yes, and approved by Robert Kelly himself.
    I have many more that I would love to have published. Robert Kelly and Frank Samperi letters, from one poet to another.

  3. Claudia,

    the correspondences are a national treasure in poetry & poetics. I see names like Kelly, Corman,Perlman appear here fairly freguently, etc all of them major literary figures, and I can't imagine why anyone, related directly or indirectly to Samperi, hasn't seen the publishing opportunites: say, either an article or study or anthology.

    Perhaps, as you've told me yourself, it's because he shunned the literary 'limelight', having chosen the quiet, contemplative life instead.

  4. Conrad,
    Yes, I agree, it does seem like someone or many would see the interest in doing a published work of letters with all of these amazing poets and Frank.
    I feel that if I had been my father's manager when he was alive I would have brought more works to life. But I believe that this blog will bring forth his work now.
    My father was a quiet man but his passion was loud. He just wasn't very good with people.

  5. there are certain Poets who where &should remain

    "poet's poets"

    & NOT be trampled by The Herd of Sheep
    such as is now happening

    ad nausea with/to Larry Eigner !

    I (wld) prefer to have 2 or three or four "everywordreaders"


    than to have all of the seemingly desired Fame, Exposure, and Fawnings of

    methinks that Frank actually WAS ""very good with people"

    especially towards/with those

    "who are (were) in 'it' for the poetry"

    & the love

    robert kelly yet a "good" poet...

    only problem ? where DID his read beard & red hair go ?

  6. Ed,
    Yes, you are absolutely correct on that and if you got my dad in a room he could talk a blue streak on poetry and philosophy for hours.
    Thank you for your words - they put things into perspective.
    Enjoy your Sunday - Father's Day!

  7. From John Perlman,
    Ed's right. Reading/writing is an intimate experience, conversation at depth, addressed to ones unmet as well as valued persons, not defeated by remoteness, & before & beyond lifespans, assuming intelligible commonality, always exploratory. Contemporaries, as in two heads leaning together in a room over coffee. A book between. Most often one of the two plays ghost. Asks : pass it on. Remember.
    Thanks John. Claudia


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