Lamentations Part 2


Writing with the intention of implying a subject......"and of the moon seen while listening to the voices from the garden as undertones to the radio from the house in the wood and the traffic down the street". If one's thoughts don't come out as poetry then voice them as prose.
This is the 3rd day and still no sun - but that's ok with me - I'm sick and tired of this place - I want to get away from its hills. What's the good of presenting a solution that points in the direction of a darkness of no reflection when the impediments are the cause of the state of no reflection.

As I said yesterday I'd like to go home, not that there's anything there but that a birth place is in this case a reason for being away from here.
I think I've said this before but here goes! again: I'm certain my maturation is in a direction that sees its contemporaries as impediments  - that's "3/4" of their work approaches propaganda rather than use; therefore, it isn't an instance of intolerance to side-step them.

Our money's as short as it can get - think I'm going to have to yell for help again - sick of doing this, but no other way to get thru.

Claudia smiles more and more each day - Dolores gave her her bath a while ago (since our rooms are now cold as hell, we have to heat the kitchen by one of the burners - but in SF it wasn't much better) - she's now sleeping.

To find time to do anything these days is a marvel....The form of economy has succeeded in disuniting the bond of friendship - each person is drawn to the bog set up for him.
How desperate and lonely the way I take  - on one to talk to now, no one to acknowledge the common vision (and there is One Truth to be participated in according to one's difference this doesn't mean plurality of truth) but one's wife and child to be made a Holy Family but again it must be made in a way that all men may be able to go this way and not feel the strangeness of being an outsider. "they're denoted to a specialized poetry): and this unit shall save us. The desperateness and loneliness then must be in not being able yet to share this with others.


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