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Better not to mention what happened yesterday - enough is said in saying "Better not to mention..."
It has always been my wish to remain aloof, but circumstances force me to become involved and yet the point is not "selling out the world", but when friendship and society are so only under the condition that deflect then one is not wrong to give assent to his proper movements (which considering the form of economy that is ours can only be seen in the abstract: that is we do not lie when we philosophizes quilt shall not accrue from "them".
The evenings are getting cooler; this does console me: soon the cicadas shall die away (an end of one season joined to the beginning of another) we make no sad song, only state we are closer to the end of our sojourn.
I have made so many errors in this writing - nor have I taken the trouble to conceal "these blemishes" it is better to let them show thru. After all, we do this diurnal for no one but dust - keeping "tabs" on oneself only to let go in the end. I don't think I said what I wanted to say.

It seems that the words come easier now than before - why? what constitutes a release? a baby.
Holding Claudia in my arms (in order to comfort her) I stood in front of the windows looking out on a workman putting "his day's final touches" to a wall. I am told one makes walsl in Japan to ward off typhoons, etc.

All men participate in the light of God according to their difference, not according to their rank, grade. Their is a resolution of the argument when all stresses of reflection and refractions, etc are at rest - the "clautas: of this thought is in proportion to Man's approach to a society conducive toward the fulfillment of difference: that is the vision of a differential world in a Comedy will not confuse "light's ghosts" with the "ultimate term of generation (whose participation is not of the nature of shadow).


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