LETARGO - 1980

Published in 1980 by Station Hill Press by George and Susan Quasha.

soon the shoveling of snow
the memory thrown back
the boy passing
from house to house
no job
           but just before reaching home
already frostbitten

even when I go out
the pull toward the mind

snow is not just snow
or rather it is
but the shining thru
reveals its heritage

night comes and the soul rests
a place of forms, yes!
home, at last! a
dipping behind horizon

forest dweller
a mirror

snow rain fall
sun recovers day

the jar broken
at his feet

    the day'll come
when I'll sit on a bench
to look out to sea

the bright water    sky
conjoint dissolver
of the dispositive

Thanks George for publishing this wonderful book of gems from my father.


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