Frank Samperi - 1952

The pictures of my father in the service in 1952. First photo my dad with his Uncle Roy who was a big brother to him and father figure as my dad never knew his father.

Dear Cid,
My feeling too at deepest level or better when at peace: shifting blame always false. And my poetry stresses the sense no trap no argument, but my life Cid at odds a withering.
I thought I had resolved the past - The Triune was written for the sake of keeping the vision keyed to an orientation that is Eternity: constantly ascending for the purpose of resolving: but now I am brought down, leveled: the sentence of my mind: no image of the father. I am illegitimate - not so bad if taken right, but my aunts family thought it a mark of shame, for which my mother, (they thought) was justly punished, dying as she did at 27 - but they refuse to tell me the name of my father: who what he was (is) - they say he died when I was two. But why should these things crop up now? I'm 36 and a father -
(side note: sometimes I day dream: my father is alive he seeks me)
The world of impediments (the psychological) has my person, but the world of Spirit informs me, speaks daily of my release. I accuse no one, because despite the impediments (human suffering is real) once released, impediments resolved (give way).
Therefore, for me, the purer my poetry the fuller the resolution.... upon that depends the health, the sanity of my whole personality -
I am aware of your concern and your kindness and I am grateful. Frank.

Out of suffering comes The Poet - a self-comfort for the real human outcast, no father and no mother.
I see why the poetry is so important to heal the wounds and live life.


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