A letter from Ami Petersen - Oct 21, 1968

(Pic was taken in Vermont)

page 3

 I think of Frank a lot, these days, and of my younger brother, who just couldn't get framed into that society and because of that , he has been accused and sneered at for the "lack of patience and sincerity etc."
I hope Frank could come to Columbus first and give a reading and then, Will and Frank could go back to NY together. Wakoski is coming to read. Clayton also hinted his wish to come. More than anybody else, we like to hear Frank. I'm glad he's done lots of writing this summer.
The weather is fall; beautiful air and colors. I hear New York is beautiful in fall. I wish I could go with Will but as you say, it's hard with the boys. It's about time to make your fruit cake, isn't it? Dolores, before you forget, please give me the cookie recipe; the ones with lots of nuts: the ones you gave us when Will came back from you.
Love to you all, Ami.


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