Quadrifariam Translated into Spanish, 1973 to 2011.

Dying to the contemporary
the walk again
involving rain the vision
the exhaustion unable to resolve itself
the memory
people discussing
the ambience failing
to fulfill each person differentially
a woman’s words
if you spoke to me more often
a slope forsythia
the afternoons
walks for miles
a word one word
if you spoke to me
I wouldn’t be so lonely
the car lots
better a movie a bar
the return
home the darkness
the chimes
restoring the man
we stood in a park
looking up at
the big clock
my wife
my children
altering the words
the neons skyscrapers

Moribundo para el contemporáneo
el paseo de nuevo
que implica lluvia la visión
el cansancio incapaz de resolverse
el recuerdo
gente que discute
el entorno que falla
para completar diferencialmente a cada persona
palabras de una mujer
si me hablaras con mayor frecuencia
una pendiente campanita china
las tardes
paseos durante millas
palabra una palabra
si me hablaras
no estaría tan sola
los aparcamientos
mejor una película un bar
el regreso
hogar la oscuridad
las campanadas
que restablecen al hombre
permanecimos en un parque
levantando la mirada hacia
el gran reloj
mi esposa
mis hijos
que alteran las palabras
los neones rascacielos
los almacenes

Translated by Mario Dominguez Parra born in Alicante in 1972, is a Spanish poet, translator and essayist.


  1. Mario,

    a splendid translation! You've got both Samperi's comprehensiveness (the poem as a complete thought, total vision) and the objectivist's attention to the details, as though the parts were placed there haphazardly.

    Even with my limited knowledge of Spanish,a pleasure to read in both languages (on page and aloud)

  2. Hi Conrad,
    I think so too - who would think that Frank's poems to be translated into Spanish instead say, Italian, French or maybe Latin.
    I am grateful to Mario from a far.

  3. Thank you, Claudia and Conrad for your kind words. The language of Samperi's poems in this book is so concise that I have found it quite difficult to find equivalents. Also, the absence of articles has been difficult to deal with. I have mentioned a few language issues among many. And I wrote before "difficult" as a positive part of the process of translating the whole book.


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