Letter to Ed Baker from Cid Corman

Courtesy from Ed Baker to share a letter from Cid Corman speaking to Ed about Frank Samperi and the Gist of Origin. From 1973.


Thank you Ed,



  1. Ed,

    amazing correspondence, placing you at a significant literary crossroads in 60s, 70s. As you know I've always seen your work as in tradition of an Eastern Corman-shaped and-inspired poetics, written in a minimalism that homages tradition respectfully. The connection to "Origin" and no less a figure than Olson is so palpable, real here: it's as though it took place last week.

    My favourite line of Corman's: "the work is an offering for those who can receive". What a treasure.

    Thanks for posting it, Claudia!

  2. Alan Ginsberg ( in 1974) also said something similar to me.

    I asked him "who do you (meaning we) write for?"
    He shot back without
    "for those who dig it"

    and Jamie, who was there, replied: "far out"

    what was corny then is literature now.... go figure!


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