Letter to Frank from Ronnie Kaplan, 1982


Dear Frank,
We learn from the Rabbis: God and Torah and Filii Heber are one: and we may add with proper respect and humility (the humility of the veil me'ah Aleph that is by the love of the humble of spirit the whole world is negated from division)
Frank Samperi has ATTAINED HIS DAYS that is he is a sun of HBR a sun of FOR THE SAKE OF UNION which according to Rabbi Nahum is the rendering of HBR.... whose veil is CROWN:
thus: Has Attained HIS Days face to face the Infinite Comprehension the Eyh Sof
The burdens you bear and the ill that you must suffer and survive only happen to the spiritual the humble: because the spirituality of such a single one is the Vessel/chariot of an entire generation and the generations that follow... that is your burdens and ills are FOR THE SAKE OF UNION HAS ATTAINED HIS DAYS - tho the blessing is IN ALL, but because IN ALL damaged collapsed spiritually undeserving no matter the spiritual the humble may restore Her to Her rightful place where alone Goodness is:


by taking as their won lack all of her exile unbelief suffering where alone Goodness is goodness is (tho of course in hidden state) ... this is every thing from the voice of my prayers-
It is obvious and infinitely clear by any who go to your work the Good is Realization Revelation Reflection is Intact...in you....and an aura round you - I pray that your years left on earth are happy and consoled.
I mean this from the depth of my heart! for you are surely the precious in the midst of the veil, the Blessing of God unto an entire generation and every generation that follows....
For the beauty of your soul is sustained thru your poetry books to all who are sons of FOR THE SAKE OF UNION: which sonship which release is always retained i.e. always raises up the poor the humble the truly needy bringing to the fore the pilgrim spirits from every generation that follow!


Note: Ronnie and Martha Kaplan were great friends and admirers of my father and I remember fondly their visits to our apt on Avenue C. A very interesting letter and written from the heart and love for Frank.


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