Letter to Frank from Ronnie Kaplan, June, 1981

Dearest Frank,
Received your beautiful letter yesterday - you touch me deeply very deeply - and you touch the angles
your angels - that cover you plainly hiddenly for the Father-
You were given the hardest birth - an illegitimate birth - so the Father thru His Word could linger over
you as His own - Let the hypocrite's mock the God of Abraham Issac and Jacob covets you!
You are the kindest man I know - The most beautiful of friends - a friend according to the spirit - a friend in
the world not of the world -
Toward the end of my youth - when I didn't know what - to who - I should go - I was led to your books -
(which) went with me to Istanbul and latter to Finenze and finally to you -
Our afternoons together have always been treasures for me - I think of them a lot and never come away
without some new gift-
I know I should write to you more - I think of you and sometimes I hear you without a word reaching the paper-
I also still walk there not there - even my solitude at times is no help - is outside and I cannot live there.
Both Martha and I cannot believe it's been so many long years since we've seen you and of course the cause is poverty ...and all can say: it will probably be another long year before we can come to NY-
In the meantime we're moving one of these days...still to be Indiana - as the jobs Martha's seeking are here right now -
Love Ronnie


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