Letter to Frank, 1969

We will be moving soon to New York - Golden Bridge (a name too full of promise to be taken quite seriously). After we get settled we'd like it if you and your family could come up for a meal and a visit.
If transportation is a worry - I have a car newly purchased and attentive. Tho we haven't seen the cottage yet, I'm told its a three minute walk from a large lake. Further description: "Its alright if you like woods, hills, trails." If.......Sounds like a landscape stolen from your poems.

I'll call you when we arrive. Pax in bello.
John Perlman


Dear Frank,
I'm sorry you didn't know I'd be using the poem - I thought I'd mentioned it to you after your reading - but if you'll forgive, I want you to know that the poem has been the most highly enjoyed by those who have seen a copy of the mag.
I called primarily to ask how you were faring during the blackout - I (for shame) was unable to resist a poem after watching fireflies during the real night.
Is their a world-wide suffering quotient? We'll be driven into an isolation so total - they'll read us, if any read, as first-born, out of the common oblivion, common agony of materials ideal.
Meantime.... if you have any poems or will have in the next 8 months or so - I'd be proud to publish them in Shuttle IV.
I hope you are well - any word of the hoped apartment?
We leave Fri for 3 weeks on Martha's Vinyard. Hooray! I hope the tent holds.
Love, John


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