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You waste away for want of companions – those who insist you only wait upon a verification that

is referable to themselves rather than the common that makes companions participants in the greater

life. What comes upon one that makes him (you) feel that everything has reached its peak, and that

anything more to do is over and above! There is separation, and the terrible sorrow of the day reflects

it, makes me inwardly dual. Wait! Don’t work on the major poem until there is time – but suppose the time

never comes? Wait! If…

Only those writers whose possibilities are granted can expect honor, those ignored can only know

isolation, the act of writing (more) akin to the (criminal action)non-professional, even tho sense of craft

better than those whose positions are granted. The ignored one must take upon himself every insult,

humiliation – the superiorly of his art makes him take it – compromise foreign to him.

The country art is suspect because it’s there for the sake of the tired peoples of the cities – after awhile

people can only take so much concrete – but we can’t be sentimental over this.

We are now into the days (now) when to expect words from another can cause collapse if the words

don’t come. Some poets stay amidst nature because they feel – I guess – that to stay in the city is to be

abstract: they – unknowingly, of course – falsify: in the country does not guaranty poetry; on the

contrary, it is possible to tip one’s hat (to pay lip service) to the natural sciences under such conditions,

that is, the poetic actively there is referable to the position here in the sense that it is there in order to

ease the city of its severity.

So many hours to job – so little now for reading. Was it not once almost 12 hours a day?

The Union of both Church & State has the same meaning as Church Total State Total: total eradication of


The new Christian the Spiritual man living the Eternal Life.

There’s no time to rest now: poems come of rest? Then let there be a writing: no time to rest –

But are you giving yourself over to expression? No! expression always self: Holy or slave this writing

reveals a purity reflecting Holiness or a shell (inwardly outwardly) cracked reflecting nothing,

which is to say, the ordeal more than the body can handle, yet the brokenness not without some sense

of the release that is Holiness, because the selflessness even there purity tho negative.

To get rid of a desire to be known is to come to grips with one’s humiliation.

I am sick of this age. I am not fit for anything – useless.

                  gods in shadows

                 wood beyond hill

                 above sea

                 light reflected beyond water – nothing….

Two movements become confused when the vision is single: a man high minded but poor.

(unfit for life.)

It may be that I have written the Life more than any other, but viewed from the role valid identification,

not true, personalism an image in light giving way to God.

I feel deeply misplaced; but know at heart that place here is political, and wonder where is the political

that once was ordinary speech, dying as we do speaking artificially.

This however cannot be right: ordinary artificial parts of the greater no where at odds.

The good life can only be that which despite everything else remains itself.

Why suicide in my work? obvious: the work wishes to take its life.

There is a difference between the actual life and the real life.

Ideally speaking social poetry to the detriment of the familial is circular: peace as end is but the familial

returning: therefore, social poetry is family poetry….

One can’t get rid of the sentimental by identifying with the social.

The sorrow of astrology is that its theoretical configurations stand in need of the practical.

To be thoroughly secular is to be pagan.

My relation to the 4 similar to Dante’s relation to those of the old style.

Beware of the poets who (seek) equate the will with the vertical and then seek to destroy (get rid of) it.

Knowledge of the individual a ruse: something pantheistic about it.



  1. "Wait! Don’t work on the major poem until there is time – but suppose the time

    never comes? Wait! If…"

    That's the terrible "If" poets fear the most. Have to.

  2. painted on my wall so as to hasten "things"
    in (my) mind coming (the word): W A I T ...
    with the three dots signifying

    what I answered when I WAS ASKED ABOUT MY "method" of writing and acting:

    "I mostly watch and wait for something to happen. And something usually does does"

    &, I also appreciate Frank's line/observation:

    "The good life can only be that which despite everything else remains itself."


    "There is a difference between the actual life and the real life."

    et ceteras

  3. "acting" shld be "arting"

    but "acting" also works
    especially on a secular/pagan level ?


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