A Review from Paul Revere's Horse Literary Journal by Russell Duvernoy, 2011 on Frank Samperi

"You're in light, song"
Considering Frank Samperi

From Russell:

Thank you so much for contacting me. I am thrilled to hear from

you. Your father's work has been a great source of pleasure and
sustenance ever since I first discovered it in 2008. (This was at a
great poetry only bookshop in Beacon, NY - The Hermitage - which has
since closed. The proprietor Jon Beachum, had several out of print,
and beautiful, copies of Samperi's books, which he recommended.)

The piece you mentioned is an essay on your father's work as a
whole, the impact it has made upon me, and its relationship to
spiritual and philosophical pursuits. I am proud of it as a piece of
writing and I believe it honors your father's work. It draws
primarily on poems found in The Prefigurations, Quadrifarium, and
Lumen Gloriae.

Wonderful review thanks to Russell. Thank you so much Russell.


  1. What a lovely piece on the poetics of Samperi's Trilogy: insightful, generous and appreciative!


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