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4th Entry of Lamentations by Frank Samperi

The pine trees outside the window take on a different intensity of evening light because of the partition that is glass.  Should I see a metaphor in the light that falls from the roofs? And the garden? In turmoil because of the objects that break light?  This strain to get clear of that which makes us notice the shadows — and yet sensing that one's fulfillment of difference is in just this moment amidst the garden's shadows: this remains unclear as long as the material ideal persists pyramidally.  

Went down somewhere to see a Shinto festival — what strikes at once the uninitiated is its Spring-like air — that is, its material foundation is patent.  It was lovely to see this procession moving along a river.
All in all this was one of the loveliest days for us here — the mountains even looked clearer — and the greenmore alive because of the children delighting in it. Although we were caught in the Kyoto rush hour, our day was in a way the better for it.


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