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Second entry of LAMENTATIONS BY Frank Samperi

4/14/64 Tomorrow will be omitted from the calendar — we'll catch it on our way back.  Even on this ship there's a stressing of the gradational — we are therefore compelled to attempt a direct look toward an unblemished horizon in order to offset such an anomaly.  We certainly will have to dig in when we hit Kyoto — there isn't too much in reserve for us to draw from — the adjustments, etc., will all depend upon the amount of money I can make . . . we must have saved at least $3,000 by the end of our 3 years' stay, or it will have been all for nothing (it goes without saying that to experience meetings, etc. within a new land never go for nothing) — with that much we may be able to withstand the shocks the West is capable of giving (of course, the trade I learn in Japan will be my ticket survival).   This is the first day that Dolores has felt well enough to do some ironing — no nausea to keep her in bed.  I have done no reading since the 11th — Don't think I shoul…

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