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Third entry of Lamentations


No journey is being made, but from this position (chair facing window looking out on a garden of pines, maples, etc., brought into intimacy by the dirt road leading to the modern school) a sight of the shifting of light and shade. I'll leave for school about 2 —  should give me ample time — don't know what the job will do for me — in many ways a mistake to have come here — my only life is not taken into account by many — not that it should considering the world system: this form of generalization comes into prominence when you're cast in the role of a foreigner — that is, it is hard to see individuals. I've been told that when the adjustment's over I'll feel better — this may be so, if place were the foundation of one's argument: the new fad: cartography.   Took out my poems a while ago — if only I would make those last 3 poems: but terrible to sense few (more likely none) care that is there's no one to publish them. Since it's going to be ha…

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