Saturday, October 30, 2010

1960 - 1986

1. The Galley Sail Review (1960) No. 5 Winter 35 Cents. Featuring: William Carlos William, Louis Zukofsky, Gary Snyder, Robert Creeley, Michael McClure, Phillip Whalen, Frank Samperi....


the brindled


is stalking
the river-bank.

Say goodbye;
greet owl, yes!

of, if you can,
at the high all

ape Buddha.   Frank Samperi


A lake in the head
wherein they put a boat,
two trousered men
with four legs between them.

The women
go in swimming
in the nude.
They blossom into lewd.

That light shut off,
he rolls over
and under,
begins to smother.  Robert Creeley

2. Song Book (1960)
For Dolores

Nothing so good
as this thought
of green under light
wherein branch

over branch against
sun moves toward
its green under
a guise of light. Frank

3. Branches (1965)

A wind's in the persimmon tree-
Come under its rustling.

4. Of Light (1965)
To Aunt Fran + Aunt Yolie
With love, Frank

Cavalcando l'altr'ier per un cammino

Riding the other day along a road, thoughtful of this hateful journey, I found Love up a ways in shadows
in the tattered clothes of a pilgrim. He seemed wretched as if he'd lost lordship; and he came sighing, with head bowed - I guess, not to see people. When he saw me, he called out, and said: I come from a far place,
where by my power your heart was - now I bear it to serve a new pleasure." Then I took in effect his movements, and he vanished, but I cannot say.

5. Crystals - Caterpillar V (1967)

The new man is always the spiritual man. We, too, conceive of contemplation as the activity that is wholly compatible with His City; therefore, the act poverty that moves us in that direction is in no sense negative.
What we are trying to say is this: to live in God is to be contemplative.
It is wrong to think of contemplation as the opposite of activity: that is, contemplation is a prefiguration of the very activity that pertains to the Kingdom of Heaven. It is the State that fosters the idea that contemplation is passive, therefore, more in keeping with the man who doesn't work, or better who won't contribute to the give and take that is the market. From this it is just to ask: what is the meaning of the word activity when the State in Unity? it's obvious: exploitation.

6. The Triune (1969)

Spirit dream when least is flame
gathered to itself child
walked hills
knew memory
looked far
sought beloved
knew also wood
day everywhere
therefore equally
no rest
child lost
came to river
child gathered

7. The Bow Window - Origin Press (1986)
Nov 16, 1986

for Claudia

whose gift
stirs me

because holding on
goes along with the arc,

never losing sight
of the arc

the heart

love, Daddy

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Letters to Cid Corman


Dear Cid,
             We got a place on the Cape. We'll be leaving the 7th of August. My aunts, Dolores' mother are footing most of the bill, and I can't tell you how grateful I am for that. Yes, the children need to get out of this city. My aunts worry a great deal about the neighborhood, cautioning me always not to let the children out alone, which of course we wouldn't think of doing. If only in a year or two we could get away from the city - for good! how nice just to open the screen door, go to the yard - how nice evening time, sit on the porch, look up at the stars - not sentimental, just simply being human.
I feel now more than ever the solution of my last moments depends upon my getting away from the artificial. I see clearly the structures of The Prefiguration, The Triune (complete), and the final movement that resolves.
On my vacation I'll take only Dante, my only book - still feel the summation of my work lies with the Commedia.
Strange how one's poems group themselves only in the end to reappear continuously as complete structure - the crown the last effort toward a realization of good workmanship.
Take care, Frank

Dear Cid,
Strange that at Cape Cod one feels melancholic over the dying of summer, but here it's different: you can't wait for Autumn, winter we empty the streets, rid them of the stench the fifth the impossible oppressiveness. - wish there were some way for me and mine to stay away for a year at least -
This Autumn along with my Dante work - I intend to study seriously the Upanisahads, only with the Sankaracharya commentaries I was able to get a copy of his commentary of the Brahma-Sutra (a long work some 900 pages) - I remember they refer to him as the St. Thomas Aquinas of India.
Well I certainly look forward to reading your essay on The Prefiguration - you along with Will & Clayton are probably the only one who cares. I've given another manuscript to Eric - Quadrifarium (longer than Prefiguration - almost 300 pages) - hope things go well enough that he'll finally decide to do it.
Take care, Frank

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cid Corman Part III

Please see the continuation of the Cid Corman Interview in NYC in 1991.
Click on the link below to view video on YouTube.

Courtsey of Bob Arnold, Longhouse Publishers & Booksellers, Cid Corman's Estate

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Marte

the sun goes
since the blind's closed
and bird shadow
but beyond

A Marte

A Marte

This image is very interesting.

A Marte

Various symbols of the planets convey a message in this poem. Can anyone shed some light on the meaning?
This book is very complex.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lamentations Part II

What am I doing here? feel myself wasting away under a job that says I must give thought to poetry only when there's free time - why have I allowed myself to be drawn into another injurious open market? did I have a better choice back there?
Each day I learn a little more - but what constitutes this growth? just that today one's older than he was yesterday - only to discover that I'm still unemployed.
In denying the contemplative life we do so in order to get the whole population into the labor field and thereby "create" an industrial hierarchy that is we are used for the purpose of holding up those on top.

Courtesy of The Fales Library, Special Collections, New York University

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Interview with Cid Corman Part II

I have posted the video on YouTube so everyone can see more.
Courtsey of Bob Arnold, Longhouse Publishers & Booksellers, Cid Corman's Estate

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


For me it's all a question of this: to master a body of historical data, and then to marshall it against a background everywhere suffused thru with "memory's ease is in the gradual decentralization of grades".
I must make the journey myself - also a guide is needed for me too; at least until the time when the impediments are stilled and the movement can be straight and each movement of the long song should be no longer than 150 lines: that is it should move from a 120 to 150 (this is not a law to be enforced what in trying to be stressed is that the song should not run so long that it can't be sung) - the form of each movement depends upon this: adjectionally unknown " that is if we begin in mind this: ....necessary and contingent are consequent upon being as such...

Back home after a morning of teaching and part of an afternoon of talk - does it do any good to speak of one's deepest ideas? after a while it seems as if we're talking to woods and cliffs rather than to a man: in one's leave talking echo's his ambiance.
Glad to-night's my last teaching chore there (better to keep it that impersonal) so out of the way, and the students don't seem to be too interested - not wholly their fault. They've been ill-trained for many years.
This month has been difficult, but tempered in that I've been away from the reportorial one - and that's much to be thankful for!
The carpenters continue to work on the house across the way: their sound along with the cicadas constitutes the afternoon's.
"God's on my conscience, not the diabolical distorter's of the Roman universal.
A day of blind alleys - running up to illusions only to find out they're a way of knocking you down.
Sometimes it's good for us to sit in the dark - to ponder? yes, in that we look toward the hills.
Claudia's blossoming each day should go downtown to morrow to get some film (right to have it recorded we've no camera - it's been given to us for a short time: good for now; maybe later on I'll have enough money to buy one - true they're of no interest when you're alone and me during our childless years were too poor to afford other things let alone a camera, but now the new live relation demands a movement from us that can leave no passage thru life unrecorded - we're eager to hold the memory!) retain each image before it slips away.
I'm at peace here as long as I'm not pressured by "the reportorial one" and the ambiance which he represents.
Again there's no argument with this land - true, the easy it's cultivated can deflect the movement of the will toward the Gift, but as before we take the factor into account and slip by.
The sun's out - obviously due to Claudia's feeding. She's one month old today.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Interview with Cid Corman - 1991


Cid Corman vists America and reads at the Symposium on American Poetry at The Cooper Union Foundation Building. (Recorded by my husband, Eric Warren)