Saturday, November 8, 2014

READ Frank Samperi and be inspired

As fall is here I feel such a longing to see my beloved father, Frank Samperi.
He is truly missed.

I turned 50 this year and it feels like yesterday when I was only 25 years old when he left.

Thank you all for your continued support via this blog and keeping his work and spirit alive.

I hope around the world his work is being read quietly or out loud.

Loving daughter,

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Robert Kelly Remembering Frank Samperi

From Robert Kelly

He sits at his kitchen table
past three in the morning
thinking about Dante.

On the avenue an ambulance,
a bus, a shout in Polish.
Soon it will be the hour
when the garbage trucks
churn through the streets.

He thinks about a flower
then, a yellow
not exactly a rose
as we know them,
something wide and welcoming
and gold, something
far better than sleep.

 12 August 2014
                                                                                    remembering Frank Samperi

Monday, July 7, 2014

A lovely note from Robert Kelly on TRILOGION (Triolgy)

dearest Claudia,

the book is here, is beautiful.  Frank from the band between the Third Heaven and beyond is thanking you.  Every poet in the world should be thanking you, the serenity and purity of a kind no one, alas, rivals.  And of course I thank you, and especially that you let me put my two cents in homage.


Saturday, June 28, 2014

June 28th Anniversary of Frank Samperi's passing

Frank Samperi would have been 81 today as we celebrate this great man who is still in everyone's thoughts and prayers.

As I continue to move forward bringing forth the un-published work to be published I am grateful for all the connections of other fellow poets from the past and from today.

From The Kingdom

separated from the world
no longer a part
of the vision
the body stirs to the image garden

where the solitary
flowers about him
looking up at the moon
leans against a tree

recalling the child
by the window
not neighborhood

the snow
the play
the street wide or narrow

more after state

In Loving Memory, 
Daughter of Frank Samperi, Claudia Samperi

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

David Miller: Reassembling Still: Collected Poems

David Miller, Reassembling Still: Collected Poems, Bristol: Shearsman Books, 2014. ISBN 978-1-84681-331-7. 316pp. £14.95.
David Miller was born in Melbourne (Australia) in 1950, and has lived in London since 1972. His more recent publications include The Waters of Marah (Shearsman Books, 2005), The Dorothy and Benno Stories (Reality Street Editions, 2005), In the Shop of Nothing: New and Selected Poems (Harbor Mountain Press, 2007) and Black, Grey and White: A Book of Visual Sonnets (Veer Books, 2011). He has compiledBritish Poetry Magazines 1914-2000: A History and Bibliography of ‘Little Magazines’ (with Richard Price, The British Library / Oak Knoll Press, 2006) and edited The Lariat and Other Writings by Jaime de Angulo (Counterpoint, 2009) and The Alchemist’s Mind: a book of narrative prose by poets (Reality Street, 2012). Spiritual Letters (Series 1-5) appeared from Chax Press in 2011, and a double CD recording of David Miller reading this same work came out from LARYNX in 2012. He is also a musician and a member of the Frog Peak Music collective.
Comprising work from the early 1970s onwards, Reassembling Still is by far the largest and most comprehensive collection of David Miller’s poetry, and includes all of his poetry that he wishes to keep, with the exceptions of the ongoing Spiritual Letters project and his visual poems.
In a statement published in Poetry Salzburg Review, Miller wrote: “I am not at all interested in the idea of taking something – some pre-existing ‘content’ – and presenting it in a persuasive and gratifying manner. I’m interested in working with what I don’t know, in the sense that the writing involves a process of discovery – hopefully also opening up a process of discovery for the reader. What I want is an exploratory poetry – a poetry that seeks to discover, explore and deal with the unfamiliar – with what would normally be hidden or invisible.”

Friday, March 21, 2014

Robert Creeley on Jacket 2

Editorial noteThis interview took place on the second of two days of visits by the late Robert Creeley to the Kelly Writers House in 2000 as part of the Writers House Fellows program, which brings three writers to the University of Pennsylvania’s campus each spring for close interaction with students, faculty, and other literary aficionados. Creeley’s prolific poetic work has garnered praise from the likes of William Carlos Williams, Allen Ginsberg, and Edward Dorn, while his editorial expertise has graced such publications as The Black Mountain Review and Origin. His countries of residence (Spain, France, Guatemala, Finland, and others) were nearly as diverse as the array of fellowships and awards that he received in his lifetime. Video and audio recordings of Creeley’s visit can be found hereKenna O’Rourke

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Uncollected Poems by John Perlman


Grateful acknowledgment to the editors
of the publications in which some of these
poems first appeared :
Celebrations, Cutting Edge, First Intensity,
Lift, Longhouse, Noctiluca, paperwhite (a tel let minum),
Pound of Flesh Review, Shearsman. Tight, tel 28 let.
“In the Shawangunks” first appeared in
The Gertrude Stein Awards in Innovative
Poetry, an anthology.
Cover Photo on Giant Mountain
by Jan Perlman.
Room Press
22450 Sister Lane
Millsboro, DE 19966

men in flame
or the heat
from flame in
water boiling
or in words
words their
faces masked
of some
the ones
whose souls
are promised
to a merciless
fathering dead
who summon
unborn sons &
daughters to
plays in
fury waves
of faces arms
for banners
seen from
so world
may watch
flame swallow
flame & on the
tables flesh
flesh &
thins & dogs
go gaunt on
bones --- the
put on coats
to walk alone
in woods
as if whispered
in an ear we
beg forgiveness
for denying you
allow our loved ones
mute fidelity of love
seeing in their eyes
no heart for
war tho
us in

If you wish a copy please contact John Perlman at

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Go to Will Petersen Tribute Facebook page

Posted by Cynthia Archer

Claudia Warren just emailed to say that Frank Samperi's "Trilogy" reprint has arrived and is available for purchase at Skysill Press. "Columbus December" is the WP stone print used for the cover.