Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Robert Kelly letter to Frank , 1977

Dear Frank,
Someone will be there at the train station at 3:38 Tuesday (I'm in class at that moment, but free soon thereafter). Reading is in the fine old wooden hall used for recitals, etc, oldest of the bldgs.
(Stevens & WCW read there 30 years ago & the founder of the Budapest Qt used it for his master
classes for many years).
Is it time to draw up the syllabus of the Kpiois? The texts to tide us over pralaya? (Bakhtiar's
po sufi picture book is very useful, this I've not seen else where.)

Dear Frank,

the reading continues resonare. Last night Chuck Stein was speaking of it - the time-mastering (thus saeculum - mastering) Spirituality of the in toning of words. The forceful intelligence of The Kingdom towards which we rise & gape like children.
Your words about my work I take & lay by my "hearth" & thank you for the warmth of it - how we
keep each other going! And honest!

Our best to you all, & be well -


Friday, June 24, 2011

Folio, 1960, published by the Dept. of English Indiana University

Editor Clayton Eshleman
Managing Editors Larry and Sally McFarland
Art Editor Leroy Morais
Assistants Jim Greenland, Maureen Lahey, Larry Lehman, Jane Phillips and David Wade

Louis Zukofosky: "All eyes!" from BOTTOM ON SHAKESPEARE.

Robert Creeley


He hands
down the gift
as from a great
height, his

understanding clothed
in miraculous
fortitude. This

is the present
of all ages, all
in itself.

But the lady-
she, disdain-
ful, all
in white for

this occasion-cries
out petulantly, is
that all, is
that all.

Cid Corman


there is no use
in love

you cant
get away from it

you only get
deeper hidden

though it cant be used

there is no use
without it

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Clayton Eshleman, 1962

Printed in Tokyo, Japan
Cover design by Will Petersen


Her fingers on my collar
                       poinsettias in autumn
crackling of reeds bent into baskets
o dry mouth of lily

                       we walk through
fingers tearing corn, four men joking
odor of bubbling pozole under a calve's head
knitted with flies

                       I'd talk with you
but your name is Spain

                       your eyes lift
toward Barcelona where your mother
glides a dusktime patio
          in every hand


One who lived
here as girl
now returns for
her child, this
hell of dry
dust soil a
god can mean

yellow bleeding
Christ, and
cold feet to
lay down head
That woman moved

close to me one
evening on plaza
as we watched
them dully entering
the church &

softly said
Will you put her
in your book?

Her daughter
tagging round
our legs
bandannaed woman
crossing her bones

Or you birth-mark
a death's-head

Clayton Eshleman

Monday, June 20, 2011

Review of Stone Girl

Check out this first Review of "Stone Girl" by Ed Baker on Joseph Hutchison's blog.

Monday, June 13, 2011

for John, my good friend

I do not understand the numerology here, but one source is certainly Dante, and the scholastic theologians. My numbers in magus allude to the 3 of our to add 2 grandkids ? Beyond that the zero giving rise to all numbers alludes both to my buddhist leanings, but also to "creation ex nihilo", the myriad numbers (universe of) born of nothing, hence endlessly proliferating without limits...then again I am/was a mediocre math student...

Courtesy of John Perlman

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The correspondence continues with Frank and John P

In 1968 : I first met your father during Will Petersen's reading series at OSU. A saving grace. I got Branches & Of Light then. The experience of those poems gave hope to a fledgling at work on my first book & changed me & my course. Gave hope. Opened. Taught.
Soon thereafter I visited at Charles St. In 1969 we moved to Golden's Bridge & visited yr family often. That library you picture in the blog was made open to me & was invaluable. More than that, long talks with your father still remembered & cherished. A friendship lasting thru vicissitudes, and wonderful poems.

Dear John,

Certainly a surprise to be in Shuttle #3 - didn't realize it - thank you for including me.
Very fine issue - many things so well said - how beautiful your Magus poem is! and how true
John Levy's Pen poem, and of course Brian continues....
Thank you again.
Claudia told me you called - sorry I was out - would've liked to talk with you.
This excessively hot humid weather is a trial isn't it!? even at the beach it's in water or else!
Hope you weathered the blackout - it was a good time to be poetic: candlelight and ale!
if only being poetic could shed over onto the looters and their looters ( ours as well?)'s not so, it can't be, so we'll be - for their sakes!

Best to you and your family,



                                    in topbranches

                                    a squirrel's nest


                            nicole, an entrancing of 1 in 1, the 3

                                conceives all number making

                                            a globe



Courtesy of John Perlman

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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Your thoughts.....

Monday, June 6, 2011

Letter from Frank to John Perlman, 1989

Letter from Frank to John Perlman speaking about a book titled EYES A LIGHT, published by Room Press which was published by John Perlman himself.
(He edited and published some literary magazines, among them Roof and Shuttle. Room Press was an imprint under which he published several works by others. He published extensively in journals and little magazines, and in numerous books and chapbooks).

A few poems from Room

as you
slept thru
dusk beneath
west windows wind
drove long clouds over
broken open sky's
light brightened
on your face
then stars'
light keeping

she stood in
sun at the window
pointing to early
color in the silver
maples speaking of
her dream she'd
seen the face
of her grandmother
more clearly than
in years

After brief rain
I dye my hands
in forsythia


I knelt over your face
thinking you slept
your lips rose
as I neared
as I fell
into your

Letter courtesy of John Perlman. Thank you John.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A year of blogging for Frank Samperi

Dear follower's,

It has been a year since I started the Frank Samperi Blog. It has been a wonderful experience and I have met all of you wonderful poets friends who love and admire Frank Samperi.
The blog to me is a collection of poems, letters, pictures and correspondences which make up a published book of Frank Samperi in 2010 - 2011.
Viewed by people all over the world from the United States, Canada, Spain, England, India and Greece and many more.....

Thank you to all who participate in this blog and the tribute to Frank Samperi and all poets old and new.

Claudia Samperi-Warren