Monday, November 29, 2010

Lamantations Part 2

What is it you feel you're not getting? Put my two unpublished books in the "bottomest" draw of an otherwise unused desk. We're without sun again. I don't think I'll make it - something in the future will cast me down: there's distrust in the future because even now "I" grovel - I've gone thru so much which involves a denial of all that I do now.
I find myself performing the daily routines without much resistance or at least that's what I tell myself I do - forces that keep me wandering between this and that (no use to determine this and that any further - of what use can such a precision be?) have a way of moving the way the weather does: this comes to me while crossing a bridge mirrored in water mirroring a sky gathering about itself storm cloud.
We're trying out our new stove it sure makes for comfort: step into another room and you'll see how warm this one is.

There's no let up in this autumn all heaviness. When we were in S.F. I at least - despite my despair - had the hope that my trip to Japan would reap me something conducive toward survival in N.Y. - but here I've nothing to look forward to. From all this it would seem that my art must be necessity come to a stand still at an early age: that is, songs by themselves sing well but when seen all together they jar the nerves.
It came to me last night that the life lived is "nothing" if it's for the sake of inculcating propaganda: that is only that much which comes thru as use in salutary.

I will not propagandize for the foreign open market: that is to make songs "in praise: of the "levels" here is to do work for the Civil Rights Program "there" if you sing for children temples, etc. as a necessary out come of one's theory of "be where you are, you assume too much: that is how much is art, how much is missionary work must always touch the senses disharmoniously.
Again, the sun's here for awhile and then gone.

Looking at my baby girl and listening to Pergolesi: no better way to start a morning.
If I could somehow get myself back to reading then maybe recovery would be possible - I don't seem to enjoy much these days; perhaps it's due to the heaviness of this weather.
I've no wish to make songs now - there's no need to - all that I've made says no repetition is necessary.
One could comment at greater length on the last paragraph but another day.
Mostly clouds now - little blue and the songs of children from somewhere.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

LETARGO - 1980

Published in 1980 by Station Hill Press by George and Susan Quasha.

soon the shoveling of snow
the memory thrown back
the boy passing
from house to house
no job
           but just before reaching home
already frostbitten

even when I go out
the pull toward the mind

snow is not just snow
or rather it is
but the shining thru
reveals its heritage

night comes and the soul rests
a place of forms, yes!
home, at last! a
dipping behind horizon

forest dweller
a mirror

snow rain fall
sun recovers day

the jar broken
at his feet

    the day'll come
when I'll sit on a bench
to look out to sea

the bright water    sky
conjoint dissolver
of the dispositive

Thanks George for publishing this wonderful book of gems from my father.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lamantations Part II

Yesterday we went downtown to have Claudia baptized! Rent paid (and for that I'm grateful) but there isn't much left in my pocket to fall back on - such a tiresome struggle: this day to day living. Maybe the record of the writers of the last 100 years is a period of unemployment.
Despite the grayness of the day there's a glare along the outlines of the hills.

What are the difficulties? better to seek the sun of the late afternoon. A week ago much to say - today the speech stumbles.

Taking for granted a society not conducive toward the fulfillment of difference and that the psychological societal determinants then the "real" is defined by the ambiance: that is the comedic resolution would be in the dropping of the last mask.

My failure as a writer and as a person is no body's business any more.
"Some must due simply because of poverty." So tired today - fell asleep on the train - went out but it looks like we'll be here for another year. Impossible to think of ways of getting out; we're here as they say and so we'll have to make the best of it. True an injustice has been done to us but the knowledge won't right it. I worry about my future (no longer do I have just myself to account for; there's no one to turn to - the turn to the self is superfluous since the nature of its moment was always taken for granted (their self-reliance postulate can never be separated (in reality) from the open market).

I've made my third book of songs - shorter than the others but nevertheless complete. Just my luck not to have enough (better any) money to print em (that is , Of Light, too)
"the root is just what the leaf knows nothing about". Oh the third book of songs is called Branches.

If a man is free - love and friendship come easy.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Letters to Cid


Dear Cid,
I am caught up in the studies - I want the depths - so in the morning I read (as close as I can) the Purgatory, and in the afternoon (as close as I can) the Upanishads. Strange while reading Vedantasara thoughts of the fourfold meaning came to me - I worry about the Supreme Identity, especially since it has been my conviction to for go the final identification - altho again it makes perfect sense as our august theory of knowledge- because for Aquinas also truth is primarily in the intellect, which carries with it the knower the known as identity.....
I'm learning many Sanskrit words and this pleases me, seeing many of the roots of our own thru others. And since I've read lots of Guenon I can't be unsold by Deussen, Muller, Colebooke (as it was years ago when I read Muller's translations you know as in Dante translations, essays ok but given modern scholarship they couldn't be superior to us).... which I like also is that a man need not do exercises be psyche to be spiritual  - the Sanskrit jivanmukta much like it seems to me the Pauline doctrine: said Christ has come all (in Christ?) line the spiritual life as spiritual men, not hankering after the second coming, except as final state, fullness of realization.
(many words are hard to read so the spelling is off, etc.)

Yes! the daily  - years ago I wrote a long (600 pages) prose thing called Diurual (more inclusive than journal because the reach somewhat astral) - sold is to NYU - I don't even have a copy of it - should go over, try to get it typed up.
I've been feeling a little meloncholy these days - maybe I'm taking upon myself too many things - but after all I tell myself why am I here for except to realize as fully as I can intellectual life.

the daily given us
not astrap
seeing thru
as we do

I am greatly moved by the Sanskrit terms mahasamhitah (very much together) and susumna (very gracious) and feel that my work Quadrifaram bears kinship to themeanings signified. Makes us wonder: corroboration not at all that one-sided! Duns scotus comes to mind.... sed vutute intellectus agentis, qui est participatio lucis incretae, illustrantis super phantasmata, cognoscitur quidditas rec, et ex hoc habetur sincertas vera.
Hope to see Clayton the 15th he'll be here for NYU reading.
Sometimes I'm pretty much afraid to walk these city streets - maybe someday, God willing, I'll live near a stream....

Been reading many different things. Last year I studied the principles of astrology and I'm now convinced that Dante's astrology is superior to the whole lot of modern dabblers. A case in point, the extra-saturian planets are but an ad infinitum argument.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day - Nov 11, 2010

My father was in Korea in 1952 - 1954 - In his twenties. Private First Class was his rank. It was not a pleasant experience for him as he suffered a breakdown and was honorably discharged.
How many men suffered the same demise.
He received the National Defense Service Medal, for Good Conduct. He was to complete 8 years in the service. He never saw combat. Looks like he was discharged on Oct, 1955.

This publication is designed for the information of men and woman of the Armed Forces at the time of separation from active service as they face the problems of readjustment to civilian life. It does not have the force of law, but it explains the principal rights, benefits, and privileges to which veterans, their dependents, and their survivors may be entitled because of the veterans' service. It lists the governmental agencies that administer the benefits and directs attention to the principal private organizations that are authorized to assist veterans to avail themselves of the benefits.
I recommend that every person leaving the Services read this pamphlet carefully, at the time of separation, and retain it as a valuable source of information to which reference may be made as the occasion arises.

C.E. Wilson: Secretary of Defense

Hit 4,000 Page Views today, Nov 11, 2010

I am amazed and thrilled that all of the readers out there have made this blog possible with there interest in my father, Frank Samperi.
My father was a very humble man but even he wished recognition. This blog gives back to him the recognition that he was a great poet in the eyes of the world.

Thank you all,


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Father and his mom - 1930

I love this picture of my father and his mom. His mother died when he was just eleven years old of kidney failure. I remember my father said that his mother just wasted away, just skin and bones. Such a sad moment for him. The pain must have been extreme. His mother never married and he never knew his father.
But he found comfort in his books and his writing.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lamentations Part 2


Writing with the intention of implying a subject......"and of the moon seen while listening to the voices from the garden as undertones to the radio from the house in the wood and the traffic down the street". If one's thoughts don't come out as poetry then voice them as prose.
This is the 3rd day and still no sun - but that's ok with me - I'm sick and tired of this place - I want to get away from its hills. What's the good of presenting a solution that points in the direction of a darkness of no reflection when the impediments are the cause of the state of no reflection.

As I said yesterday I'd like to go home, not that there's anything there but that a birth place is in this case a reason for being away from here.
I think I've said this before but here goes! again: I'm certain my maturation is in a direction that sees its contemporaries as impediments  - that's "3/4" of their work approaches propaganda rather than use; therefore, it isn't an instance of intolerance to side-step them.

Our money's as short as it can get - think I'm going to have to yell for help again - sick of doing this, but no other way to get thru.

Claudia smiles more and more each day - Dolores gave her her bath a while ago (since our rooms are now cold as hell, we have to heat the kitchen by one of the burners - but in SF it wasn't much better) - she's now sleeping.

To find time to do anything these days is a marvel....The form of economy has succeeded in disuniting the bond of friendship - each person is drawn to the bog set up for him.
How desperate and lonely the way I take  - on one to talk to now, no one to acknowledge the common vision (and there is One Truth to be participated in according to one's difference this doesn't mean plurality of truth) but one's wife and child to be made a Holy Family but again it must be made in a way that all men may be able to go this way and not feel the strangeness of being an outsider. "they're denoted to a specialized poetry): and this unit shall save us. The desperateness and loneliness then must be in not being able yet to share this with others.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More Enteries

Better not to mention what happened yesterday - enough is said in saying "Better not to mention..."
It has always been my wish to remain aloof, but circumstances force me to become involved and yet the point is not "selling out the world", but when friendship and society are so only under the condition that deflect then one is not wrong to give assent to his proper movements (which considering the form of economy that is ours can only be seen in the abstract: that is we do not lie when we philosophizes quilt shall not accrue from "them".
The evenings are getting cooler; this does console me: soon the cicadas shall die away (an end of one season joined to the beginning of another) we make no sad song, only state we are closer to the end of our sojourn.
I have made so many errors in this writing - nor have I taken the trouble to conceal "these blemishes" it is better to let them show thru. After all, we do this diurnal for no one but dust - keeping "tabs" on oneself only to let go in the end. I don't think I said what I wanted to say.

It seems that the words come easier now than before - why? what constitutes a release? a baby.
Holding Claudia in my arms (in order to comfort her) I stood in front of the windows looking out on a workman putting "his day's final touches" to a wall. I am told one makes walsl in Japan to ward off typhoons, etc.

All men participate in the light of God according to their difference, not according to their rank, grade. Their is a resolution of the argument when all stresses of reflection and refractions, etc are at rest - the "clautas: of this thought is in proportion to Man's approach to a society conducive toward the fulfillment of difference: that is the vision of a differential world in a Comedy will not confuse "light's ghosts" with the "ultimate term of generation (whose participation is not of the nature of shadow).