Friday, May 28, 2010

Lamentations Part I


-Yesterday few things, to-day fewer! this is a beginning.
Why even make a start? so many "slabs of stone" (a walk)- Built"in the going"-not knowing where the "walk" will tend: a sort of "regulative" journey!
Already I see the problems I'll have to solve, come to grips with- or to put it another way: this venture whose outcome I haven't the faintest notion of , is pre-determined in that the "events" contained in the future (on-moving) days are so determined to be so: that is adjectivally unknown.
The day went along pretty smoothly. No "recordation" without eyes! It was however, overcast - sun-less?
Strange that I now find myself in a position to jot down thoughts and it doesn't even matter if there's a lack of "logicality" to their reasons for "coming up" in expression (utterance?).
What may be important is that 3 days from now I will be able to see how far I've gone this time - which is to say if this movement is within me or if it's an attribute of the object that "continually" impinge upon me, or both!- There's little reason in this direction (or for that matter and direction). Did Marx delight me to-day? - I'd like to go away somewhere- anywhere away from this N.Y. - pernicious place - dirty kids in the streets - old men in the parks - there isn't much joy to be had in walking, sitting when even the air of this city is "quick" with the reverberations of "plaintive wails". Has Marx really written a Paradiso in his they shall arise from such separateness into a higher and gerforce a more excellent form to complement his inferno? - I find myself immured - is it raining? A letter from Will: all about rain - he says he's been denied spring! I think spring resembles the "imperceptibility of growth" we've all I guess been denied spring! for all time!-

Courtesy, The Fales Library, Special Collections, New York University.

More about Frank Samperi

Frank Samperi was born in Brooklyn in 1933. Discovered by Louis Zukofsky and Cid Corman, he published some twenty books of poetry and appeared prominently in journals such as Origin and Caterpillar.
Master of the lyric and an autoddact steeped in Dante, Aquinas, and Shankara, Samperi created a unified, highly original lifepoem of pilgrimage through the American City and world of the spirit.
He passed away in Sun City, Arizona in 1991. He is survived by his daughter, Claudia & son, David.
As a poet, as in other respects, Frank Samperi stood apart. Orphan and first generation Italian-American, he discovered Dante in a Brooklyn institution, taught himself Aquinas in Latin, studied the Indian philosopher Sankara, non-Euclidean geometry and astrology. His work was not just counter-cultural but also counter-fashionable. Although discovered by Louis Zukofsky and Cid Corman, and appreciated by other poets of his generation, including Robert Creeley, Robert Kelly, and Will Peterson, as well as other "knowing readers," Samperi's poetry has heretofore been available only in limited editions.
With recent works like, "Spiritual Necessity" produced by John Martone and others we hope that this web site will bring to light his voice to a new generation of thinkers.

*From the introduction of "Spiritual Necessity" by John Martone, Huntington, NY 2003

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Introduction to Frank Samperi the poet


Dear Cid,
Why don't you come
over this Saturday for cake
& coffee (about 8 )- come
see our baby Claudia! -
We're so happy - and yet
being here I feel the stress of
another wrong place: I want
to tell of an emotion that
doesn't exclude another &
another, and yet in went
the words fall back unuttered.
You know what I mean -
the old cry: "...pace, pace, pace."
All our love, Frank

I am 5 days old here where I was born in Japan.

Courtesy, The Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.