Wednesday, December 18, 2013


If you haven't bought a copy of the Trilogy yet order your copy at
Skysill Press and you can now have your copy of these beautiful poems by Frank Samperi.

Thank you to Sam Ward at Skysill Press for making this book possible.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Some notes

Frank Samperi’s notes on poetry and poetics

Handwritten original from “Marginalia” included in Quadrifariam.
For Dolores
These poems may seem to be just occasions; (but) nevertheless there is a desire to place
Them more substantially: the spiritual world a light coming thru. (Gathering up or better)
Revealing the domestic worthy of the metaphor: the family aware of the fall of light,

Darkness no longer something to be eradicated.
-There should be no indenting – also, the lines should fall without spacing.
What is known the world over business makes men brutal.
Still feel that the deeping of The Triune depends upon my getting complete rest – no other
way to the spirit except thru a purity of disposition.
It is best that my work remain unknown – the age continues the work of the last 600 years:
Who’s the poet, then?
I’d like to write of friendship, but that’s more memorial than actual fact; nevertheless, the
Memory of it mollifies walks otherwise hapless. Not much time for walks these days – the job

tyrannical.  It is not possible to teach the young poetry if their sense of (poetry) it is competitive.
They seek judgments that have nothing to do with the art, that is, a man gains nothing from being
Told that his work is stronger than another’s: but again, the age wants no part of a teaching that
Has God as end, the audience in no sense identifying with a work, release necessarily telic.
Here it comes clear: the teaching of poetry says just that we might be heirs of a view that impedes
No sense – second that the wholeness of a work is equally given up: from these the audience is 
Fulfilled, the sense the wholeness unimpeded. What happens when the age is false (propagandistic)?
The artist must seek the truth doubly.
You waste away for want of companions – those who insist you only wait upon a verification that
is referable to themselves rather than the common that makes companions participants in the greater
What comes upon one that makes him (you) feel that everything has reached its peak, and that
Anything more to do is over and above! There is separation, and the terrible sorrow of the day reflects
It, makes me inwardly dual.
Wait! Don’t work on the major poem until there is time – but suppose the time never comes? Wait! If…
Only those writers whose possibilities are granted can expect honor, those ignored can only know
isolation, the act of writing (more) akin to the (criminal action)non-professional, even tho sense of craft
better than those whose positions are granted. The ignored one must take upon himself every insult,
humiliation – the superiorly of his art makes him take it – compromise foreign to him.
The country art is suspect because it’s there for the sake of the tired peoples of the cities – after awhile
people can only take so much concrete – but we can’t be sentimental over this.
We are now into the days (now) when to expect words from another can cause collapse if the words
don’t come.  Some poets stay amidst nature because they feel – I guess – that to stay in the city is to be
abstract: they – unknowingly, of course – falsify: in the country does not guaranty poetry; on the
contrary, it is possible to tip one’s hat  (to pay lip service) to the natural sciences under such conditions,
that is, the poetic actively there is referable to the position here in the sense that it is there in order to
ease the city of its severity.
So many hours to job – so little now for reading. Was it not once almost 12 hours a day?
The Union of both Church & State has the same meaning as Church Total State Total: total eradication of
The new Christian the Spiritual man living the Eternal Life. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

My father's book Trilogy is now available to purchase through Skysill Press.
With special appreciations from Robert Kelly, Peter O'Leary, Elizabeth Robinson, Jamie Townsend
and John Martone.

I am truly grateful beyond words to Skysill Press for making this happen and to those who 
continue to support Frank Samperi's work. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013


Very nice post from Steven Toussaint:

Because of the efforts of dedicated poets, editors, and families, two significant works of post-war American poetry will soon be back in print.

read more..

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A poem for John Perlman

 "Love. Leaf. Light" (for John Perlman

John says the forsythia narrowed to curtain slits,

                                                               in a city of the sun,
made the sage and the rose scent one, &

poet who coincides with Leaf and Light  "telically" strung

  once wrote a sun- or plant- or sage-Love:--
                                                                    a Trilogy!

Appearing to John were even a room lone as the world & poet

                                                                on the Village streets,
  -- every situation never good with him --

  swept once into the heart, age-old and without quietude and

                                                                   a pilgrim's peace

Conrad DiDiodato (2013)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Happy Birthday to a great poet, Frank Samperi, May 19th, 2013

Happy 80th Birthday to my father, Frank Samperi. To a great poet and father who blessed us with his work and his spirit in this world and the other. May his works keep blessing us and the Frank Samperi community continue to grow in numbers.

Some other posts today from Conrad DiDiodato:

Today is Frank Samperi's birthday: he would have been 80. Samperi was a spiritual poet  who struggled for recognition in an era dominated by the Objectivists. I recently attended a Frank Samperi Tribute reading held at 'Beyond Baroque' in Venice Beach, California where daughter Claudia Samperi-Warren gathered a group of poets to read from Samperi's works. I am proud to join Claudia and Samperi readers everywhere in the effort to reintroduce this great poet's writings to the public.

    "Hapless, I shall take
my little bag of necessities and move closer
toward the ivory gate--"
                (from "Song Book")

And Skysill Press:

Thank you to all.
Claudia Samperi

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Frank Samperi's Reading at Beyond Baroque

Click on the link below where the video is being shown at PennSound at Frank Samperi's Page:

Video was taped by Claudia Samperi-Warren so all can be part of this wonderful reading of
Frank Samperi's work celebrated at Beyond Baroque in Venice on March 10th, 2013.

Poets reading: Conrad DiDiodato, Harry Northup, Phoebe MacAdams, S.A. Griffin and Steve Goldman.

The Trilogy book will be available soon from Skysill Press.

From Conrad on Frank Samperi's Reading at Beyond Baroque

Though a stranger to the place I felt far from it. But I could hardly believe I was there: to those of us schooled in Canada's version of the terrific California poetry scene Venice Beach seemed hallowed ground (as indeed it still is). American poetry and the always revolutionary conditions of its growth and development always came accompanied--to this very impressionable 70s student of literature--with distinctive names, faces and personalities And I saw a few of them proudly displayed along the upper walls in the 'Beyond Baroque' bookstore: diPrima, Acker, Duncan, Olson and Venice Beach's local poetry legend, John Thomas Idlet. The 'Gas House' and Ellison Hotel were, in the words of local poet and musician Betto, where the poets came for the 'vibes'. Click on Conrad's blog to read more.....

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Frank Samperi Celebration 2013 in Venice, CA

Presented by his daughter, CLAUDIA SAMPERI-WARREN
Sunday, March 10, 2013, at 4 P.M.
at Beyond Baroque

Reading from Frank's TRILOGY:    

Conrad Didiodato
Harry Northup
Phoebe MacAdams
S.A. Griffin
Steve Goldman

Poet FRANK SAMPERI is a first generation American born Italian from New York
and a veteran of the Korean War.  His poetry is a focus on the struggle of the modern spiritual writer.  Trilogy brings together three of Samperi's books, written between 1971 and 1973, under one cover.
The appearance of Sam Ward’s Skysill Press publication of Frank Samperi’s Trilogy in 2013 is occasion for great happiness. The three works published separately by Mushinsha/Grossman in the early 70s (The Prefiguration in 1971, and  Quadrifariam and Lumen Gloriae in 1973) appear for the first time as a single volume, with Peter O’Leary and Robert Kelly writing Introductions and Elizabeth Robinson an Afterword.
The Trilogy publication is a victory of both Samperian Spirit and the love of those who walked with him in life:

sun ray
hold on
wherever gold

Beyond Baroque
681 Venice Blvd.
Venice, CA 90291
(310) 822-3006

Admission $7
Sudents, seniors $5
Membrs FREE
Free street parking

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Frank Samperi The Trilogy Book Launch

10 March, Sunday - 4:00 PM
Poet FRANK SAMPERI is a first generation American born Italian from New York and a veteran of the Korean War. His poetry is a focus on the struggle of the modern spiritual writer. Trilogy brings together three of Sampari’s books, written between 1971 and 1973, under one cover.

Reading will be held at Beyond Baroque in Venice , CA

Conrad DiDiodato, Harry Northup and Phoebe MacAdams will be there to read from Frank' works.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Another book by John Perlman, Teaching

An older work from 1975 when John taught at Mamaroneck HS, and at The Hommocks School which is the Junior High in Mamaroneck.
Please write to John at and he will email the full text.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Idiolects Of Silence by John Perlman

Write to John Perlman directly to get the full text of this work Idiolects, at,

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Frank Samperi Trilogy Book Launch

10 March, Sunday - 4:00 PM
Poet FRANK SAMPERI is a first generation American born Italian from New York and a veteran of the Korean War. His poetry is a focus on the struggle of the modern spiritual writer. Trilogy brings together three of Sampari’s books, written between 1971 and 1973, under one cover.

Reading will be held at Beyond Baroque in Venice , CA

Please check out Conrad's blog for more on Frank and a most recent post on The New 
Heaven Now.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Coming soon:

There will be a reading at Beyond Baroque in Venice, CA in March 2013
of the new "Trilogy" book.

It will be a Frank Samperi celebration!

I hope you can all make it.

More posts to follow....