Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Letters Frank/Cid

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Courtsey of Bob Arnold, Longhouse Publishers & Booksellers, Cid Corman's Estate

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Thursday, June 10, 2010


Their malefic predilection for detail! this is what constitutes the level of writing of my contemporaries. There are few who will openly know the theory of lofty contemplation!

Nothing further to say - except I have walked thru this day, and found the events so "hostile" that I think I could speak no "vituperation" more than barbed than - To-day nothing was of interest! -


Say than that we've been cheated and that the foolish the lost lie disturbed within the putrescent mouth of New York's depravity-

No - it has been suggested by others - will the "triumphant" over fault and despair succeed in turning aside "depravity's glance to a state of innocuousness - also that place is a make-shift and that the mouth of "depravity" is omnipresent as well as omophagic, or better to be more all-inclusive, omnivorous.

Maybe I should put a stop to this - there aren't enough graces - so many ways of saying the same thing - an approach toward "fell" despair - and yet (I'm saying this all wrong) this writing is done in order (disorder?) to show "me" to myself that is all my "reactions and for certain neither a "given and/or random" time.

More of the same: a young couple walking out under trees behind a house down past rocks go toward a hill overlooking a path to a shore; their thoughts are of sinuous among rushes preening in morning light and roses hanging on a garden gate.- No way to break away from the recurring images all year (I mean in the dead of winter) I am sense-ful of the odor of lilacs - I name no "view" (I am wall-eyed) yet song's a solace: a musician eats aconite leans on a gate - a beacon in the eye; it's past time. This is a diffident relation of what is only at bottom a person as satyr.

How does anyone get to "Eckhart's core" of things? If there's nothing to substantiate than there 's little to up-hold: therefore, no reason to peal away to get at the "core". Each accident is a mask. God, I am weary of the depths and heights!

One thing is sure, I must watch out for the un-radiant ones. there unkind speech, obviously an outcome from the seething lakes of their malevolent hearts is nothing of a rebuke; but one must never become one of their order, altho there is, at first, always a desire to say: and you sit crowned, bearing your scepter atop the dung hill. - I shall go more quickly toward light when space and time are rendered? Is this a test?

Courtesy, The Fales Library, Special Collections, New York University.

Monday, June 7, 2010

May, 1963

I find now that I've thoroughly gotten free of certain puerile influences - no longer shall I be "hummed in" by the narrowness, crassness of "sublunary thought" - I now feel that I am ready to take "rest" in my affections.
Dolores and I went down to Washington Sq. Park - when we came to sit on a bench she pointed out to me which trees were maples, which elms (thou shalt distinguish them by the shape of their leaves?) - then the virtues of our eyes went out over the grass to a path lined by benches "mystically quiet", yet not so when we took into sight the groups of young girls and men sprawled "inadvertently" on the grass between us and the "strollers" passing by the "mystically quiet". Despite this, I am enthraled by light and grass, and the "phenomenal isolation" of a park amidst skyscrapers.
It is just this: light and sound - eyes and ears - a man in a room - a window - the walls: it shall be so! Even in a field the "relations" must be enacted - the ancients. I guess tried to empty themselves - what are the impediments? is it tralatitious to say: the body's a cage, the soul's a bird? We all remember what Plato said concerning those "innocent light-headed men" who'd come back as birds.
I shall not speak of love directly to day - It is enough as always to say, "acknowledge" that in the being set free love is directly the cause.
Again where will these sentences direct me? - they seem to be moved by the objects and their particular arrangement in a day - but then again granted the "arts in the reason" reason does propose its object to the will.
From the above latter paragraph I don't think that I could accept Olson's "Figure of Outward" anyway, I think his "stance" is puerile.

Courtesy, The Fales Library, Special Collections, New York University.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Frank and Dolores in Japan, 1964

Frank Samperi and his wife, Dolores and a friend in Koyto, Japan in 1964.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lamentations - Part I


It has been raining "on and off all day - and what makes it spooky - no! that's just "half of it" - sad is the sound of a few children playing in the street back of a school.

Little hope for me! - Tomorrow's forecast: clearing by "late morning" this aside, however, no stars visible to-night. Returning home...head achy... "stricken"... saturnine...

I am confronted by certain "inexpugnable barriers", which are voices. But there are no signs in the sky, no ghostly phalanges pacing the borders of the streets: in truth, the "phantasms" are voices. It is difficult to image these states of a person, especially where there's no wish to find a corresponding "sensible nature" of activity outside: one might call it vision of a non-sensible order (logical, if you will). - I am comforting myself - taking delight in conversing with certain states of my "self" (ha! that's not it either - that is, it's use-less to loiter in a "dark pantry" when all the motes of sunlight use "peopling the living-room) - I want it understood now that I shall never again attempt friendly relations with the world - at least not the one they've "done up" - myself the singer, seeking the true cometh by "course" upon the beautiful. - I shall not complete, enter into the "lists" - it is "astounding" how periphrastic the impostumation of vanity is; that is when it "appeareth" in the heart of a competitor. Withdraw! or if you must walk under this cope of "pestilential tenebrosity" remember the weary eye is not for any "unnatural reason directed toward the ground (the foot): for all things considered the flow of light is from within. - Are these words written for the sake of consolation? if so for whom? and for what time? Is there a purposive act "behind" this writing to "make" solid that which is fluid, so that when another's eyes "take in" it may retain its solidity yet impart it fluidity.

Courtesy, The Fales Library, Special Collections, New York University.