Song Book (J & E Press) W.Babylon NY, USA, 1960.
Of Light (Will Petersen) Kyoto, Japan 1965.
Branches (Will Petersen) Kyoto, Japan 1965.
Morning and Evening (portfolio with stoneprints by Will Petersen) 1967.
Crystals (Caterpillar V) CA, USA 1967.
The Triune (J & E Press) W.Babylon NY, USA, 1969. A section of Quadrifariam.
Prefiguration (Grossman) New York, USA, 1971, with cover and endprints by Will Petersen. The first of a trilogy made up of the following two volumes, it collects Samperi's published earlier work - apart from The Triune.
Quadrifariam (Grossman) New York, USA, 1973, with jacket illustration by Will Petersen.
Lumen Gloriae (Grossman) New York, USA, 1973, with jacket illustration by Will Petersen.
The Fourth (Elizabeth Press) Kyoto, Japan 1973.
Infinitesimals (Elizabeth Press) Kyoto, Japan 1974. This was the first part of Lumen Gloriae.
Alfa ed O (Origin Press) Kyoto, Japan 1976. The fifth part of COMPREHENSOR Viator.
Sanza Mezzo (Elizabeth Press) New Rochelle NY, USA, 1977.
The Kingdom (Arc Publications) Todmorden, Lancs, UK, 1979. The first part of COMPREHENSOR Viator.
A Remotis (Querencia Books) USA, 1979.
Letargo (Station Hill/Barrytown Ltd) NY, USA, 1980. The sixth and last part of COMPREHENSOR Viator.
The Bow Window (Origin Press) Kyoto, Japan 1986.
1991 Circulazion (Tel-Let) Charleston IL, USA, 1996
Manifestatio (Tel-Let) Charleston IL, USA, 1996. The third part of COMPREHENSOR Viator.
Cottage in Pines Wider and Deeper (Kate Murr's Press) UK, 1998
The New Heaven Now (Longhouse) Green River VT, USA, 2002
Spiritual Necessity: Selected Poems Of Frank Samperi (Station Hill/Barrytown Ltd) NY, USA, 2004, Ed. John Martone.

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