Friday, June 24, 2011

Folio, 1960, published by the Dept. of English Indiana University

Editor Clayton Eshleman
Managing Editors Larry and Sally McFarland
Art Editor Leroy Morais
Assistants Jim Greenland, Maureen Lahey, Larry Lehman, Jane Phillips and David Wade

Louis Zukofosky: "All eyes!" from BOTTOM ON SHAKESPEARE.

Robert Creeley


He hands
down the gift
as from a great
height, his

understanding clothed
in miraculous
fortitude. This

is the present
of all ages, all
in itself.

But the lady-
she, disdain-
ful, all
in white for

this occasion-cries
out petulantly, is
that all, is
that all.

Cid Corman


there is no use
in love

you cant
get away from it

you only get
deeper hidden

though it cant be used

there is no use
without it

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