Three letters to Frank from Ted Enslin

RFD #1, Temple, Maine 04984

Dear Frank,
                  Thanks, more than thanks, for the good reading of Synthesis.
It is a reading, and a just one. Other things, of course, but new or old are
not of the process, and there is much on the other side. Yes. I've hesitated
to do much with this piece, for several years. I did read sections in NY, and
Clayton wanted some of it for Caterpillar, hence. It moves slowly. Not FORMS
but allied to the animus that moved there in other times, other places, and above
all, other angles of seeing/being. If it can bring pleasure or recognition, as
it did from you.



Dear Frank,
                      It has been many years since we were in direct contact, although we have been
through your good work. LUMEN GLORIAE remains, for me, one of the
very finest books in many years. I return to it.
                     Perhaps Cid has mentioned to you that I might send you a country stick.
Actually this is what is known as an English striding stick. It is by no means a medical
appendage. I have loved walking sticks all my life, and always carry one on walks, hikes, scrambles.
 (Actually I use a cane size for level walking, sometimes a strider for distance, and a five foot
alpenstock for climbing.)
So you can see I am very fond of them. Actually the one I'm sending you is #304 of those I've
made. It is white ash, and I guarantee, despite it's slim proportion you won't break it.
I suggest you wipe it occasionally with raw linseed oil. That will nourish the wood, and
deepen the color. I like to think that you have one of these.
I hope you enjoy it.

Love, Ted


Dear Frank,
                       If the stick gives you pleasure, it is only a very small return on pleasure
that your work has given me. So many years ago those few times that we talked
in Brooklyn. Perhaps we will again one day. I go to New Mexico every winter ---not that far.



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