Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Fourth, by Frank Samperi 1973

 in the midst of nature
 one remains unobserved
 the hidden
                        the text
 the dissolution
a falling away
before his very eyes

the poet

the master of veils
guards at the same time
the ultimate meaning
of his work

he gives battle
foils every key
the dragon rendered

the pure approach
the fourfold
in their gaze
they enter

never return

purified of all imagery
the ghostly man
gathers flowers
for the sake of giving

the receivers say
strange gifts
discarding them
by the wayside

angels appear
in grass

the receivers
almost completely
out of sight

the road stark


inward the eye
Eternity in view

less than dream

going on a ways
approaching water
objects now only

stepping beyond

ground non-existent

extinction complete

nameless formless



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